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HOTEBIKE Alloy Frame city electric bicycle weighs just 15 kg

Alloy Frame e-bikes were once a niche within a niche, but now are growing in popularity. 

A6AH26 is a  Alloy Frame fork, helping reduce the weight of the bike to just 15.8 kg (34.8 lb).

Considering that many casual commuter e-bikes can easily weigh 50% more, that’s pretty darn lightweight by electric bicycle standards.

But if you want to shed even more pounds, hotebike has you covered. The A6AH26 electric bikes uses the  e-bike drive system, which allows both the motor and battery to be completely removed from the bike.

An e-bike’s motor and battery are the two heaviest components, and the A6AH26 electric bikes drops down to a svelte 11 kg (24.5 kg) by removing them when they aren’t being used. That provides cyclists the option to train with the help of the electric drive’s pedal assist, then remove the extra weight when performing pedal-only cycling

A6AH26 electric bicycle motor offers 350W,the Fazua drive system used in HOTEBIKE newest e-bike is purely for adding extra boost to a cyclist’s own pedaling power.
And with 55 Nm of torque, the system is capable of adding some powerful assist when necessary, such as for those arduous hill climbs that always seem to pop up at the worst moments.

The A6AH26 best electric bicycle is designed mostly for city riding, but the wave design incorporated into the bike’s seat stays give the Alloy Frame frame

As HOTEBIKE CEO shuipan yao explained:

This feels like the best time to be launching our first city e-bike, when more people than ever are taking up cycling as a means of transport not just in Europe but across the world. Look stands for innovation, so we’ve ensured the most up-to-date technology, has been used to electric bicycle motor  craft the A6AH26 hybrid electric bike

A6AH26 is now available in Europe

That pricing seems to fall fairly well in line with other carbon fiber e-bikes we’ve seen lately, such as the Gogoro Eeyo 1 and the Superstrata Ion.
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