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How to buy an electric mountain bike

How to buy an electric mountain bike


Mountain bike is a bicycle specially designed for off-road (hills, trails, fields and gravel roads, etc.) walking. It was born in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States in 1977. At that time, a group of young people who were keen on playing on beach bikes on the hillside suddenly thought: “it must be very interesting to gallop down from the mountain on a bicycle.” It was two years before the design of the cross-country bike was officially named the mountain bike. From then on, “downhill competition” as a new sport competition came to the fore, athletes riding mountain bike along the provisions of the downhill line high-speed slide, the speed of the winner, attracting a large number of enthusiasts.


Although the bicycle was invented in Europe, the mountain bike invented by americans has swept away the traditional bicycle concept and spread a new wind all over the world. Nowadays, it has been liked by more and more young people and become a healthy and fashionable sport welcomed by people. On this basis, Hoebike to the rapid development of the industry and feel excited at the same time, and gradually for mountain bike developed a very strong performance of the motor and battery as well as transmission. Make mountain bikes more fun and useful.

26″ City Electric Bike 36V 350W Electric Mountain Bike with Removable Hidden 36V 10AH Lithium-ion Battery, Electric Bicycle 21 Speed Gear.


This electric mountain bike is designed for those who love mountain bike activities and want to ride bicycles between the city and mountain roads. It doesn’t have to be as rugged as a mountain bike, but it does have to be rugged. The spray paint of the car body must be better, to fight against the city scraping, cutting, rubbing, bumping. You may also need to add shelving and fenders to accommodate urban roads. Most of its body is made of steel, also useful aluminum alloy material, but still in steel.

Mountaineers’ electric mountain bikes have long been the same as those used in cross-country, but with longer shock absorbers on the front forks. Almost all downhill riders opt for a mountain bike with a shock absorber that stretches at least 6 inches and weighs 10 to 15 pounds (5 to 8kg) more than a typical mountain bike. The body used in the downhill race must be very strong, because the impact force in the downhill will be transferred from the front fork to the frame. Ordinary mountain bikes cannot bear it, and even lead to the disintegration of the frame. Under this big premise, the weight is not the main consideration of the downhill mountain bike, but the firmness is the most important.

How to choose electric mountain bikes to buy:


* Riding strength

According to the classification of mountain bike, it can be divided into two categories, namely leisure sports and competition. The former mainly USES asphalt road and low-difficulty dirt road, while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way to achieve the purpose of sports and fitness. The latter route emphasizes taste, riding intensity and height have a certain level.


The A5AH26 satisfies both aesthetic and rugged advantages,Unique Design & Industry Aluminum Alloy Construction: Distinct design city electric bike, simple and handsome appearance, mixed with a little mountain bike style, perfect for men and women commuting. Lightweight aluminum alloy frame and sturdy suspension fork ensure smooth rides on different road surfaces.


* Size and accessories


No matter which type of ride you choose, make sure to choose the right frame size and FITTING the appropriate riding posture, otherwise even the top car model and spare parts can not meet your riding needs and even affect the body’s performance. In particular, it is recommended that the distance between the crotch and the upper tube should be higher than two fingers, which is an ideal state.


26″ City Electric Bike 36V 350W Electric Mountain Bike with Removable Hidden 36V 10AH Lithium-ion Battery, Electric Bicycle 21 Speed Gear.The compact battery is hidden in the oblique bar, and it’s removable, invisible and lockable. There is no doubt that it adds points to the overall look. With 36V 10AH Lithium-Ion battery, the ebike can reach an extra long range up to 35-60 miles per charge, and a full charge takes just 4 hours. Features a 5V 1A USB mobile phone charging port on the LED headlight, you can easily charge your phone on the ride.

Strong Brakes & Powerful Motor & Smooth Derailleur:With front and rear mechanical 160 disc brakes and Shimano 21-speed gears, you can choose any speed and enjoy a safe and smooth journey. To ensure the safety in use and protect the motor, we have installed inductive power-off switches on Shimano brake levers. When you press brake levers, the disc brakes works and the motor shuts down. 36V 350W brushless motor provides high power and high torque output and improves climbing performance



* Try to ride

Although the appearance painting is the first consideration for riders, just like clothes shopping, it is usually necessary to try on the bike to know what it feels like. The same is true for bicycles, because the car is not just about the appearance, but the actual riding experience.

There is 3 Riding Modes & 5 Pedal Assist Modes: With pure electric driving, do not need to ride. / have the assisted mode, you can do some easy exercise. / Turn off the power. It becomes a ordinary bicycle./ LCD display can show you 5 different Assist adjustment, Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, Battery State, etc.





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