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How To Charge An Electric Bike

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How To Charge An Electric Bike

Charging is an important part of owning a bicycle and is necessary to run a good electric bike.

electric bike charging

When you buy an electric bike, it may be fully charged and delivered in a “dormant” mode. Please confirm with the distributor. If not, you can charge it yourself.

It’s best to avoid extreme temperatures when riding and charging. Charging below 0 °C or above 40° C (32 °F / 104° F) may lead to insufficient charging and damage battery life.

During charging:
Charger LED will continue to be red.
Continuous red EnergyPak LED displays charging level.
The flashing EnergyPak LED shows that charging is in progress.

After charging:
Charger LED turned green.
All EnergyPak LEDs are red, then turn off.

When taking out the battery for storage, make sure it is in a safe climate control space. Batteries should not be stored when there is no electricity or when the power is very low.


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