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How to choose mountain bike?

How to choose mountain bike?

With the progress of society, more and more pay attention to environmental protection and fitness. We all want to have a bike of our own, but most people know nothing about it. This article introduces mountain bikes and how to buy mountain bikes.

Let me first talk about the composition of mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are the simplest means of transportation. In addition to basic “skeleton”, there are three sets of parts to achieve three basic functions: moving, stopping and turning.

1. Frame, saddle tube and saddle.

2. Wheels. 

Including wheel axle, steel wire, rim, inner tube and outer tube.

3. Transmission part. 

The part that converts human power into mechanical power, including pedals, cranks, chain discs, chains, flywheels, axles, and rear wheels.

4. the brake part

That is, the brake equipment, which enables the mountain bike to slow down and effectively stop the combination of parts, including the handlebar, the wire, and the brake caliper.

5. Guiding part

The part that enables the mountain bike to turn freely, including the front, gooseneck, head plate, front fork and front wheel

Sixth, the speed change part-the part that uses different gears to adapt to various road conditions, including the gear hand, gear line, gear dial, foot, and flywheel.

How to choose the frame, as long as it is genuine. These brands have their own advantages. In short, don’t buy a cottage frame and a frame and a vehicle that are not famous.

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Wheel set

The wheel set is composed of hubs, spokes, rims, and tires. The best price-performance ratio of general hubs is Jiuyu, which is well-known in the world, followed by Himano, which is more expensive and has a special ball design. These two brands are commonly used by well-known mountain bikes. Let’s talk about the spokes, which are basically steel. The general vehicle is 36 and 32, and there are also very few, such as 24, 20, 16 and the basic 32 or less, you need to use special spokes and hubs, generally Especially expensive, if the spokes are either radium steel or bats. Then there are rims. There are single-layer and double-layer rims. Single-layer rims are very bad. Mountain bikes are not usable. Double-layer rims have knife rings and I-shaped rings. The strength of the knife ring is greater. Downhill is used a lot. The tires are very simple, commonly used are Zhengxin, Jianda and Magis. Jianda also has high-end, more used in competitions. Mountain bikes use tread tires. Finally, when it comes to tire specifications, 1.95 is the most common, which is 2.10, 2.125, 2.35, 2.5inch. In short, the wider the more expensive, 2.35 and 2.5 are specially made!


Then there is the brake. There are V brakes and disc brakes, and there are oil discs in the disc brakes. V-brake mainly needs to be changed frequently, and it has an effect on the rim after a long time. It is very easy to use, simple, and easy for novices to get. General V brakes are Yanhao, CTS, Shimano, avid. Disc brakes, disc brakes, good braking performance, no damage to the ring, durable, heavy defects, difficult to deal with problems, expensive, so buy disc brakes The car must be selected, it is recommended to buy these brands, AVID, Yanhao, Shimanno, CTS, Hans. Chainsets, the basic ones are Himano and TRUVATIV. Generally there are two brands, one is the world’s first brand SRAM and the second is the world’s largest brand shimano. Introducing Shimano, why he is the largest brand, very practical, and widely available all over the world, the kit includes chainrings, transmission systems, hubs, brake sram and Shimano.

Front fork

Hotebike front fork

For the front fork, let me first talk about the grades of the lower suspension structure from low to high. The spring, oil spring, excellent rubber, mud resistance, oil pressure and air pressure outer tube have magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. The front forks are all one-piece and all have no welding marks. The poor ones are very annoying to go back and install. Maybe the position of the disc brake is wrong. It is possible to say a few common misunderstandings.

 1. The larger the front fork calibration stroke, the better

First of all, the calibration stroke is not equal to the actual use stroke; in addition, for XC, a long stroke is useless, generally 60MM to 100MM, 80MM is more common

 2. The more front fork functions, the better

One of them is to lock up, which is generally not used unless climbing and riding long distances, but generally forks will have this function.

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