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Mountain bike skills guide in the autumn and winter

After the summer, the autumn and winter will come in, and the rugged rock on the path turned into a sticky slippery mud. The roots and rocks are full of mud, while the pits contain water, mud and rocks hidden in them.


This is purgatory, electric bikes may be punctured at any time and you may fall from an electric bike at any time.  Nothing to rely on in this cold jungle.  It’s a great place. The extreme environment provides an excellent place to practice your e-bike, and your skills will advance by leaps and bounds. Of course, you can also put your favorite electric bike on the grounds because of the cold is not suitable for cycling, and wait for it to ride in the spring of next year. Miss a lot of fun and the best chance of losing the study skills of the electric mountain bike.


Next, let’s take a look at the challenges that will be faced in the autumn and winter and give pertinent suggestions to solve different situations. The most challenging problem is the loss of grip due to slippery road surfaces. After you have honed the following techniques and mastered them, you will have a faster speed and a more rapid style in the coming spring.

1.Through the trail


Narrow turns and U-turns, limited route choices, and the inability to avoid dirt, wet roots and rocks; these allow the rider to face a variety of situations without warning.


And the first step you need to do is to prepare your electric bicycle, body, and mind.


After speeding up, it is easy to see only the short paragraph that is about to pass. This is the wrong approach. You need to look farther, just like the driving school teaches you, the eyes should look in front, such as the point of the bend, the place where the road disappears, and then scan it back and forth. Be careful not to stare at the rocks or cliffs under your feet. The places you see are often where you are going to ride (if you keep staring at the stones under the wheels, you are likely to hit them).


Controlling your thinking, although it seems a little difficult, is extremely important. Many people hold their breath in the slippery terrain and their bodies are stiff. This way you can’t absorb the vibration from the road. The result is a drop in grip and easier slipping. Talking to yourself is also a good idea telling yourself to breathe, look ahead, and relax yourself.


On a slippery path, you need to stand up at the e-bike, control the center of gravity, and then relax yourself, with the crank is flat, the heel sinking, and the legs slightly open. It is everyone’s instinct to hold the seat with your legs and hold the electric bike, but it will make your balance a mess. When you turn, you need to tilt the car and use the roots or ruts as much as possible.

Use the following skills to stay confident without crashing:


1) The center of gravity is lowered, relaxed, and ready to be smoother when pressed downhill. Relaxation of the body (hands and legs) absorbs vibrations from the ground and allows the e-bike tires and the ground to hold tightly. When the center of gravity is too far forward, the front wheel pressure is reduced and the grip will be lost (you can find a friend to help you record to see if there is a problem with the posture).


2) When the speed is up, look at the distance and use the remaining light to pay attention to the secondary objects. Keep your heels slightly sinking and use your torso and feet to absorb vibrations instead of using the handles. This increases the handling, while reducing the pressure on your wrists and hands, reducing the possibility of strain on the wrists, neck and shoulders.


3) The flexible and flexible body and the curved legs can make the bicycle under you more gentle and not easy to lose balance. Tilt your bike while turning instead of leaning your body to maintain maximum grip.




The first step in riding on a slippery path is to stay relaxed, hold the electric bike and the ground tight, and keep the center of gravity ready to cope with the changes.


Focus on the front, plan ahead, keep your heels sinking, and balance to keep your body absorbing shock and keep it fast by pressing.

2. Handling downhill


The posture of the body when going downhill is similar to that on the trail. The heel sinking allows you to use the front brake more aggressively, instead of just locking the rear wheel down.


If you feel yourself pushing forward when you brake, the handling of the e-bike will decrease. To stay flexible, consider lowering your shoulders a little while bending your elbows and sinking your hips.


Imagine the trajectory of your electric bicycle when you are downhill in advance (the selection is very important), riding to a place with grip – but don’t make a sharp turn. It is better to walk straight on a slippery path, and don’t suddenly turn to avoid mud.


Moving the center of gravity back and forth is another way. When you turn, your mountain bike front wheel needs some pressure to maintain grip, but you should always be prepared to move your weight back through the mud road, roots, stones, or the probability of your crash or front flip. Increase.


The last step: always remind yourself of things you need to pay attention to (such as relaxing your body, controlling your center of gravity, etc.)


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