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Open up a new way of life with cycling.

HOTEBIKE-Open up a new way of life with cycling.
HOTEBIKE-Cycling by the lake

As environmental awareness continues to increase and the haze of the pandemic dissipates, more people are venturing outdoors for exercise. There are many options for outdoor sports, hiking, camping, cycling and so on. An increasing number of people are choosing electric bicycles as a means of exercise. Electric bicycles not only save energy and reduce emissions but also have many other advantages. In this article, I will introduce the advantages of electric bicycles, different types of electric bicycles, and provide readers with information on recent discount promotions.

I. Advantages of electric bicycles
1.Environmentally friendly

Electric bicycles are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Compared to cars, electric bicycles use batteries as a power source, which can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, thereby reducing air pollution, decreasing environmental stress, and promoting the protection of our ecological environment. At the same time, using electric bicycles can also reduce the consumption of Earth’s resources, which is very helpful for us to build a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, using electric bicycles can also help to reduce noise pollution and make cities more peaceful.

This type of bike produces almost no extra noise during riding, and you can only hear the natural sounds of birds and wind blowing in your ears while cycling freely on various roads.

electric bike mountain

Electric bicycles are a time-saving mode of transportation. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric bicycles have higher speeds and longer battery life. This means that people can reach their destination in a short period of time without feeling tired. HOTEBIKE offers electric bicycles with different battery capacities, such as 36V, 48V, 60V, and more. The extra-large battery capacity meets your range requirements. Additionally, we use Samsung cells, ensuring the safety of branded batteries. At the same time, electric bicycles can also overcome problems such as uneven roads and uphill roads, making it more convenient to travel.

bike battery

Using electric bicycles can increase people’s exercise levels and promote physical health. Although electric bicycles are electrically assisted, they still require physical movement, which helps to burn calories, enhance metabolism, and promote health. Running as a form of exercise has limited reach, but with an electric bike, you can not only ride on various different roads, but also go to places like forests and beaches for exercise.Of course, I didn’t mean to say that running is bad.


Compared to cars, electric bicycles are an economical means of transportation. The cost of purchasing an electric bike is relatively low, and using batteries as a power source can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. In addition, using an electric bike can also avoid problems such as urban congestion and parking fees.


Electric bicycles have higher flexibility and adaptability. Compared with cars, electric bicycles can travel on smaller roads, and can also easily pass through crowded areas or traffic jams. In addition, electric bicycles can be easily carried and stored, making travel more convenient.

ll.different types of electric bicycles.

The first is mountain e-bikes. Mountain e-bikes have excellent performance. The mountain e-bike uses high-strength aluminum alloy to make the frame durable, lightweight and flexible, and the excellent double shock-absorbing fork ensures sufficient stability and support on rough terrain to climb and down stairs or climb mountain roads.

Secondly, the motor equipped with electric bicycles can greatly improve riding efficiency, especially in complex terrain such as mountain roads, and can easily cope with various unfavorable road conditions such as steep slopes and bumpy roads.

front fork

 At the same time, electric bicycles can also achieve faster speeds and longer cruising range without harming the health of cyclists, improving travel efficiency and comfort, while powerful brakes ensure safe braking when going downhill at high speeds.

I can’t wait to recommend this A6AH26 mountain bike for its good performance.

mountain bike-A6AH26 750w

This is followed by urban electric bicycles. Urban electric bicycle is an electric bicycle designed for urban travel. It has good practicality and versatility. Not only can it be used as a means of transportation, but also as fitness equipment, suitable for people of different ages and can promote good health. In addition, electric bicycles can also be installed with luggage racks and other devices to enhance their carrying capacity and facilitate shopping, travel and other travel needs.

They are usually equipped with comfortable seats and handlebars to make people more comfortable on the go.

In addition, urban electric bicycles are usually equipped with lighting equipment (front and rear lights) and bells to increase driving safety. At the same time, the shape of the taillights is stylish. It can make you a beautiful sight in the city at night.

In addition, urban electric bicycles are usually equipped with lighting equipment (front and rear lights) and bells to increase driving safety. At the same time, the shape of the taillights is stylish. It can make you a beautiful sight in the city at night.


This A5AH26 city electric bike is having an unprecedented do-it-yourself discount, $200 cheaper than usual.

city bike-girl

Finally, there are beach e-bikes. Beach electric bike is a special electric bike with large tires and a frame suitable for beach riding. They usually have tires with lower tire pressure in order to drive on soft sand. In addition, beach electric bikes can also be driven in places such as beaches or lakes to enjoy wonderful scenery.

Sandy electric bike A7AT26, equipped with a large capacity battery, have you noticed that fat tire bikes are becoming the next popular trend?

beach bike man-A7AT26 2000w
Beach Bikes-A7AT26 2000w

Electric bicycles have the advantages of strong performance, environmental protection and energy saving, practical and multi-functional, and are a comprehensive means of transportation with travel, sports, health and environmental protection. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, electric bicycles will be more and more widely used in people’s lives and become the new favorite of urban travel.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the demand for electric bicycles in various regions and countries, HOTEBIKE is holding this largest discount campaign in March. A number of electric bicycles participated in the discount campaign, with the maximum discount reaching $350.

The event started on March 18th and will end on the 31st of this month, making it the biggest discount event ever held in our store. At the same time, our warehouses in the United States and other locations are ready, and once you place your order, we will deliver HOETBIKE electric bicycles to you as quickly as possible.



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