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Some tips to deepen your love of riding electric mountain bikes



* Reduce body weight

To improve the competitive performance of electric mountain bikes, the first consideration is how to reduce weight.

The relationship between light and strength: the lighter the better, only consider reducing the weight of parts, the strength/rigidity of the bicycle will be reduced, become “soft” bicycle. In fact, the skill and weight of the rider will greatly affect the strength and rigidity of the bike.

No skills here, focus on weight. If a 100kg person and a 50kg person jump to the ground on a mountain bike at the same time, the impact intensity will be different. At present, the mainstream of competitive electric mountain bike is in Europe and America. If the electric mountain bike in Europe and America is used, the intensity and other issues should be considered according to their situation.


* Weight of material

Weight loss is the best lightweight: the frame material with the need for strength and lightweight, from iron → chromium molybdenum steel → aluminum/carbon → titanium gradually developed.

Titanium is the lightest, regardless of price. The cheapest and most effective way to achieve weight loss is to lose weight. Spend a lot of money to lose weight on your bike. And how much weight can you lose?


* The thickness of the frame

Lightweight parts: the frame is tubular. If the tube wall thin strength is not enough. The tendency is for the joint to be thick and the middle relatively thin, that is to say, the weight of the frame is reduced by varying the thickness according to the strength of the forces applied throughout the frame.

Like the frame, some parts are made of titanium, which is small and light. But light brakes can degrade performance, so they need to be carefully chosen.

The tire directly accepts the ground resistance, the size of the resistance, will make the rider feel the mountain bike weight and light. If you want to be lighter, use thin tires to increase the air pressure, but the grip will be reduced.




Improve brake performance

Brakes are very heavy parts for mountain bike racing skills. Brake performance, not only greatly affect the skills of competition, but also related to safety, so we should pay enough attention to. Be sure to check and adjust before the race. In order to cope with the fierce competition, we discuss the brake here.

■ Brake control

Brakes work well, not how to pin a tire. Should be in the ground state, reduce the rotation to stop the car. If the tire is in a sliding state, the braking distance becomes longer.

Brake control refers to how quickly the force of the brake lever applied by the rider is transferred to the brake. Hydraulic brake performance is too strong, if the brake failure will fall.

In addition, some are series that enhance brake performance by utilizing the impedance of the strip and brake block. This series is difficult to control on slippery roads. The reason is that the impedance of the strip and brake block exceeds that of the road surface. This type of brake relaxes the brake lever when you start to glide, but the reaction is slow. For beginners, because the ride is slow, you can still use the brake gently.

■ Reinforcing disc — stabilizer

Starting the brake after the original pressure on the rim of the force, into the expansion of the force. In order to suppress this phenomenon, it is better to install a reinforcing plate. After the installation, the applied force on the brake lever will not be wasted, all into the brake, become the brake with good control performance.

■ Brake adhesive

Brake glue is something that directly presses the rim, its material will greatly affect the brake and tactile sensation. The compounds used are soft and work well in dry weather. But when it rains and gets wet, it becomes very bad, so it depends on the conditions of the race to use different materials of brake glue.

■ Brake line class

When the gate line is too long, it will cause the line to stretch, or become slow and maladjusted. The proper length of the brake wire should be when the handle is turned to the left and right, so that the brake wire does not feel too tight.

If you want to adjust the grip Angle or protrude, you can only change the handlebar stand. The handlebars have various angles and different sizes of protrusion, the length of which is 120 ~ 160mm is appropriate for the purpose of competition, and the control of this size is more stable when the speed is high. The Angle is about 90 ~ 120° better.

No matter the Angle or the protruding length, it fits well with the frame and body, so it should be carefully chosen.

■ Wrap

Slalom, fast descent, Trial and other competitive requirements can strictly control the body. It is better to have a slightly harder non-slip grip. Don’t use a spongy grip.

For cross-country RACES, bicycle trips, etc., your hands will hurt if you hold them for a long time. You should use a handle that is comfortable on the surface. But depending on the route, an impedance grip is sometimes required. When riding without hard work, it’s also good to wind a soft strap around the handle.




(1) wire: check whether the catheter is complete, whether the wire is twisted and worn, and whether it can be easily operated. Moderate or compact (D/F)

Tighten the lead retaining bolt to the point where it is pressing against the lead, but not so that it will loosen the bolt. The most important thing is to Check if the wire is loose.

(2) brake block bolt: bolt to tighten (F). Check that the brake block is attached to the wheel rim and adjust the wheel front to the correct position.

(3) flywheel: when the flywheel is in operation, it should be able to hear a smooth, balanced and fast clicking sound. No missing Angle or bending of chain teeth. Rotate each section of the speed for a period of time, check whether there is a skip tooth phenomenon.

(4) front transmission: check the high and low gears. Fixed bolt to moderate or tight (D/F).

(5) rear transmission: operate the transmission to check the high and low gears.


How many kinds of maintenance can be divided?

Normal riding, short-term (1 week or 10 days) regular maintenance, mid-term (1 or 2 months) regular maintenance, long-term (6 months or 1 year) regular maintenance, emergency repair in the field. The time used here is divided according to the usage of cyclists who ride bikes more than twice a day to twice a week. If you ride bikes less frequently or you use them more frequently, you can adjust the short and medium term time slightly to suit different riding conditions.



Enhance the performance of outdoor mountain bike level section


* Heavy gear ratio riding training

This is one of most people’s least favorite workouts. But it’s effective, improving leg strength and increasing muscle mass in the lower leg because it’s so demanding! The training method is very simple, which is to ride completely with double gear ratio, no matter how steep the slope or downwind. You may feel like giving up during training, but keep going. Sometimes you’ll ride slowly up a hill and have a low RPM, but don’t give up.

This is a great time to exercise your hip muscles. It’s worth noting that if you have a bad knee, don’t try this exercise.

* 2×30 interval training

Another grueling exercise. How do you do that? Warm up and ride as hard as you can for 30 minutes without slowing down or slowing down. You must adjust your intensity so that after a 10-minute slow pedal break, you can do another 30-minute exercise at the same pace and pace.

To complete this exercise, you need to be physically and mentally strong. You may only be able to do 2×20 minutes of interval training at first, but don’t give up. Imagine the famous contestants, gritting their teeth!

It is recommended to do this exercise on a training platform in the city to save time and measure your training intensity yourself.


* increase the effectiveness of multi-person training

When we train with other people, we tend to get distracted and start talking, and even when we work harder, we usually just ride side by side. One way to practice together is to find a flat road with no traffic signs, where one driver speeds up and the other one chases the former one minute later.

It will feel like a race, forcing everyone to push their limits. When you catch up with the driver in front, take a break and switch to another man.

* go to the gym

Not everyone likes going to the gym, but gyms can help you build muscle mass and leg strength. Some people don’t go to the gym to exercise their legs because they might cycle about 20 hours a week. But if you’re not doing well on flat roads or have limited cycling time, working on your legs at the gym is a great way to train.

If you’re not familiar with the equipment, it’s also a good idea to get a trainer to teach you how to train different muscle groups.




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