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What is the best electric mountain bike?

It can be said that mountain bikes are the most popular sports products. Whether it is a working partner or a student at school, bicycles are usually a way to travel by car. Naturally, there are many types of bicycles. Ordinary bicycles are usually used for traveling. However, according to different occasions, they can be divided into road bikes, mountain bikes and recreational bikes. In recent years, with the continuous maturity of technology, the production price of bicycles has become more and more detailed. The price of a bicycle corresponds to what configuration, forming a default overall understanding, and its integrity is as important as the structure of the entire bicycle. The design is very detailed, each screw and each wire is a learning. I dare not call it an old driver. I hope to use this article as a public consumer to talk about this kind of hotebike.Learn about the A6AB26 hybrid bike and some riding experience.

In the first half of 2020, there are still many hybrid bicycles. Nowadays, if you want to buy a mountain bike that combines tradition and technology, which bike is a good choice? In this experience, we chose the latest and most interesting mountain bike with the most advanced appearance. Let’s get to know the hybrid version of hotebike-A6AB26 smart bike.

When I saw the product, in addition to the visual shock, what surprised me most was that A6AB26 was carefully researched and made and became a masterpiece of hotebike.

When I first saw the A6AB26 smart bike, I realized that “mountain bikes can be so beautiful.” I think the appearance is still very domineering, giving people a stylish and cool feel. As for the assembly drawings of the bicycle, I forgot to take pictures. In fact, this is not very difficult. After receipt, you only need to install the handlebars, saddles and pedals. The installation process takes less than 10 minutes. The appearance design is subversive, it brings us a nearly perfect visual experience, and you can still feel the domineering characters it brings.

Power or hybrid power, this has always been a hot topic. Generally speaking, hybrid power usually refers to hybrid power, that is, a mixture of fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.) and electricity. A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle driven by an electric motor as the auxiliary power of the engine. This refers to manpower and electricity. The A6AB26 smart bicycle has smart hybrid power. You don’t need to worry about the physical exertion during climbing. You can experience the feeling of relaxation while riding. The variable condition is 21 speed, which will make riding better. In addition, it is also worth noting that the brake lever has been powered off, the battery capacity has been upgraded to 10ah, and the rear brushless silent motor and meter display multiple data.

The first is the gear shift kit. The A6AB26 smart bike uses the Shimano 21-speed shift kit, which greatly improves the adaptability to various road conditions and riding environments. 160mm high-efficiency disc brake combined with a new technology power-off brake lever: automatically cut off the motor output when braking, improving riding safety. There is also a rear-mounted rear drive 350W DC brushless motor, which improves handling, smoother power output, more balanced vehicle weight, and more in line with riding habits.

The handlebar part adopts an integrated design, the main control part is integrated on the handlebar, including the gear control part and the middle display, so you can display the display, the speed display, the power display of the motor information center, and the current riding time. , Mileage display (single mileage and total mileage). The symmetrical pattern of the lower bracket sensor hidden in the body is undoubtedly one of the key points of the design.

Hotebike smart bicycle adopts ergonomic design to support the effect of front fork suspension. The shock absorption performance is not bad, no matter on bumpy roads or rough intersections, it can bring excellent shock absorption performance. Therefore, in bad road conditions, there is no need to worry about inconvenience.

We don’t need to say more details, some key KENDA tires, wheels and chains. The variable device + variable finger dial is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame chain, which has abrasion resistance, durability, stability and comfort, firm grip and excellent slip resistance.

Another highlight is to upgrade the battery to use a larger capacity 36V 10Ah, and use a large brand of lithium battery to make it more stable, with a driving range of 30km/h, and has better impact resistance, waterproof, dustproof and Moisture resistance. . Anti-theft performance. . At the same time, it provides 5V USB output on the side, which can be relatively more reliable when expanding the charging port of mobile phones or other digital products.

The battery also provides a disassembly solution. On the one hand, it can ensure mobility, on the other hand, it can also control charging more conveniently. Another advantage is that it is easy to link and can be disassembled when you don’t want to use the hybrid. But this is not necessary, because the upper battery is not troublesome at all, but it can bring scenery to the human body. The advantages of the buckle type are considered thoughtful in design. The ventilation design of the seat cushion is also more detailed.

Regardless of appearance and hybrid power, the A6AB26 smart bike has excellent performance, but we can still describe it as “smart riding.” The traditional smart hybrid is more attractive and meets the aesthetic standards of cyclists. If used as an ordinary variable speed mountain bike, the experience is also very relaxing and comfortable. As the saying goes, this bicycle is easy to ride. very comfortable. After riding the bike, you will feel very relaxed, and the hybrid entry bike will be easy to ride. Each experience is a new feeling. In addition, I personally like the A6AB26 smart bicycle tire very much. It also has good grip when riding in rain, so there is no need to worry about indulgent riding.

The A6AB26 smart bicycle can be said to subvert the traditional mountain bike. It has several years of technical experience, so the performance is still very good. Although there are many old mountain bikes on the market, the traditional riding methods in the past have been unable to meet the needs of users for a long time. Pursuit is the crystallization of technology. In this “smart” trend, I will choose to actively accept it, because I pursue a different experience, right? Therefore, I am personally very optimistic about the future of the A6AB26 smart bike. Whether it is the appearance of the body design, the riding experience or the smart hybrid experience, the A6AB26 smart bicycle can provide various experiences that cannot be achieved by traditional mountain bikes. , The power assist system is also more prominent, and the ride feels better.

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