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What you need to know about riding

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The benefits of riding a bicycle are first to exercise endurance, enhance willpower and help strengthen physical fitness, especially the exercise of lower limb muscles. Cycling can also exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve the coordination and flexibility of the limbs, and improve the quality of people’s will. Long-distance riding can test a person’s ability to endure loneliness.

Riding a bicycle, safety first. Choose the right electric bike. Whether it is roads, mountains, cross-country, rock climbing, downhill, according to different sports, choose a dedicated electric bicycle, must not blindly choose. For the safety of yourself and others, do not blindly engage in mountain, cross-country and downhill sports without professional training and no special vehicles.

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Before riding, check the condition of the electric bicycle to see whether the quick release is tightened, whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the brake is sensitive, and whether the gear shift is flexible? Before long-distance riding, you can ride tens of meters first, and then adjust the gear shift by continuously shifting gears to see if the gear shift is working properly. If it is not easy to use, please adjust it in time or go to the repair station for repair. When riding an electric bicycle, please wear a rider uniform, helmet and gloves. If you are riding on a high-speed highway, you must obey the traffic rules.

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What to pay attention to when riding a bicycle

1. Obey traffic rules, pay attention to personal safety, don’t ride too fast, don’t try to do anything, don’t ride a “fighting car”. When riding a bicycle, don’t look around, let alone lose your mind to think about things;

2. Do not ride on road sections that are “no riding”, such as sidewalks, elevated highways, and road sections with trees with signs prohibiting electric bicycles. Ride an electric bicycle on the highway, do not speed with the car, do not run a red light, do not violate the rules;

3. The riding time and distance should not be too long, and the exercise intensity should not be too large. It depends on the season and physical condition. Summer and winter are not suitable for traveling too far;

4. Try not to ride at night or at night. If you are riding at night, you must install lights, taillights, reflectors, etc., and wear a cycling suit with reflective stripes;

5. Wear gloves (fingerless gloves can be worn in summer), helmet and corresponding equipment, preferably a driver’s suit. If you are riding a bicycle wearing ordinary pants, please tie the legs of your pants with a trouser tube;

6. Carry a water bottle and replenish water in time during riding. Don’t drink too much water at once. When drinking water, find a safe location away from passing vehicles.

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7. When traveling in summer, it is best to bring a rain poncho (preparing for trouble), or check the weather forecast in advance, develop the habit of checking the weather, and then go out on an electric bicycle.

8. Try not to wear headphones when riding an electric bicycle. When riding an electric bicycle, wearing headphones to listen to music is taboo (if the road is really boring, you can use portable speakers to play music, but the volume should not be too high;

9. Before riding an electric bicycle, please check the condition of the electric bicycle. Check the chain, gear lever, brake, pedal and saddle. Fix the saddle firmly and check whether the “quick release” part of the wheel is tightened (to prevent the wheel from falling);

10. Regularly maintain the car body, oil the chain, gearbox and flywheel in time (but don’t add too much oil)-if it is a traditional “brake brake”, be sure to wipe off the oil on the rim to prevent the brake from slipping;

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11. Do not ride on an empty stomach, or after a meal, rest at least one hour after a meal before riding; do not ride when your physical condition is not good, and do not ride long distances during the menstrual period of women;

12. If you want to set up a cycling route to go to a city road that you have not been to, you can check the map in advance on the Internet, or take a bus and taxi to determine the route, and plan the travel distance and route map;

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13. Riding speed is usually best to advance at a constant speed. If you have electric bicycles with variable speed, you can adjust the wheel speed in time according to the road and physical conditions, and choose the right speed;

14. Do not ride electric bicycles in bad weather, rain, snow, fog, thunder and lightning, wind and sand.

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15. According to the model and performance, select the appropriate road section and road conditions. If you are riding an electric bicycle without shock absorbers and driving off-road, it will not be very interesting.

16. Record the time and distance of each trip, and summarize the riding experience. If you want to continue to expand, you must do it step by step, don’t be too hasty-don’t ride too far at a time, lest you can’t ride back.

17. If you are riding an electric bicycle, due to the long distance and lack of physical strength, you can stop to drink water, eat something to replenish energy and rest before riding the electric bicycle.

18. Replace tires regularly. If the tires are worn or the tires always puncture on the road, you need to replace the tires-try to replace the front and rear tires together with the inner and outer tires. It is best to use original tires. Tyre type. After replacing the new tires, you need to adapt to riding and check for smoothness when turning and braking.

19. Choose a suitable model according to your height, adjust the height of the saddle, try to ride on a flat and wide road or a dedicated bicycle lane, and slow down as much as possible when riding at intersections and intersections. may. Please pay attention to the intersection ahead and the intersection on the right side of the road to avoid vehicles rushing out of the interior and causing a collision due to poor response.



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