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Electric Dirt Bike 2000W 20AH Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Model: A7AT26
Motor: 60V 2000W Brushless Motor
Batttery: 60V 20AH Large Capacity Samsung Battery, Long Range
Tire: 26*4.0 Fat Tire
Max speed: 35MPH
Pedal Assist Level: 1-5 Levels
Gears: Shimano 21 Speed with Derailleur
Display: Multifunctional Color LCD8 display
Initiating Mode: Pedal assistant (+ Thumb Throttle)

HOTEBIKE Electric Fat Tire Bike 2000W Motor 26 inch

Electric Dirt Bicycle A7AT26

Want to experience the joy of riding at 55km/h high speed? HOTEBIKE 26″ 2000W fat tire bike with 20AH battery is your best choice.

HOTEBIKE 2000 watt electric bike A7AT26 was designed with high power motor and high capacity battery and 26 inch fat tire to provide a superb ride on almost any terrain.


We believe that electric bikes are promoting the concept of green travel, providing clean, efficient and exciting new modes of transportation.Join us today in the revolution of green efficient transportation in style.

The lock and keys better protect the battery from being stolen. Unlocking access to the battery means the battery is very easy to remove. And there are two charging methods at the same time for your convenience, allowing the battery to be charged on the bike, or to remove the battery and recharge it.




5-7 hours of charging time and waterproof design make your bike maintain easier.


Multifunctional Color LCD8 Display


Colored data makes your viewing clearer and easier. Multi-function large screen LCD display shows lots of data like Distance, Speed, Riding Time, PAS levers, Temperature, Voltage, Motor power, light status indicator, brake status indicator, etc.

Adjustable Sispension Front Fork

Adapt to different kinds of terrains, flat, uphill, downhill, make your riding more stable.


Shimano 21 Speed Shifter

Shimano is a bigger brand, and its tourney 3*7 21 shifting system gives you smoother shifting, a better ride, and guaranteed quality. And the Brake lever and gear shifter is a conjointed part, not separated. This will be a better looking setup. There are brake sensors under the brake levers, which will cut off the motor power when you press the brake lever. It will make your riding safer.


LED Headlight

Comes with front headlight and dual tire reflectors,providing more safety for night riding.


Aluminum Alloy Frame

Fashion streamlined design and light, strong and durable aluminum alloy bike frame.

All terrain, including city commutes, are easily handled by the 26”*4.0 inch fat tires, especially handy for riding along the beach beside the surf and can even negotiate through rugged, dirt mountain and snow. And this bike can accommodate passengers up to 200Kgs in weight.


Durable & Safe Fat Tires

Designed for low ground pressure to allow riding ondiverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, pavement, ortraditional mountain biking trails.


Other Details

Large, comfortable seat, adjustable height saddle tube with quick release for easy seat height adjustment.

Aluminum alloy Crankset pedals, kickstand will be more durable.

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    1 Review

    1. 5 out of 5


      Came 7 days before Tuapse, great super! Got tons of smiling waves along my trip. Powerful engine, quality components, already tried, SPEED Max, it is on the smooth road. Recommend the seller, met expectations.

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