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Balaclava Mask/

Balaclava Face Mask in Winter with Warm and Dust-proof

5.00 out of 5
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Material:100% Polyester

Color:Black | Grey | Green

Care instructions:Machine Wash

Combines ski mask with activated carbon filters provide a double protection for you in winter with warm and dust-proof.


Fleece balaclava warm with extended length for better wind and cold protection.Good idea for those who work outdoors or long time expoesed.


Airholes on the ski mask practical and comfortable to again various tough conditions while maintaining breathability.


One unisex size fit for any sizes head, can be worn under hat, helmet,hooded jacket to keep your face out of harms during cycling, snowboarding, skiing,motorcycling events.

Balaclava Face Mask Balaclava Face Mask Balaclava Face Mask


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    1 Review

    1. 5 out of 5


      The valves let me breathe easy on those super cold mornings while keeping me warm as I ride my bike to work.Fits my rather large head very well, and keeps it warm. My only complaint is the flip-side of my favorite feature. The large plastic faceplate does a great job of keeping the mask from pressing up against my nose, and pressing on my nose is a great way to make it run. Eww. The flip side of that is that pulling the mask down when you’d rather have fresh air than full-face coverage is awkward and a bit uncomfortable, but that’s a minor issue for me. Definitely worth the price, and has done me well on several Minnesota winter hikes.

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