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Bike + motor = motorbike

Recent months have seen increased complaints relating to traffic offences, near misses, and excessive noise involving mountain bikes fitted with internal combustion engines, particularly in the vicinity of Underwood Park and the Daisy Hill Conservation Park.

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These motors are illegal to use on a road

What do the rules say?

Simply, if a push bike or mountain bike has an internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel), it is illegal.

In some circumstances, electric motors and internal combustion engines can be legal, however it then follows that rules relating to licensing, registration and vehicle safety standards need to be complied with; not unlike a motorbike.

It’s just kids having fun. What’s the problem?

Simply? Safety and public amenity.

Riding motorbikes at speed in close proximity to pedestrians is a recipe for disaster, and there have been near misses with riders not giving way to pedestrians on footpaths and at pedestrian crossings.

There is also the issue of design and construction of the bikes.

Police have seen loose drive chains flapping around centimetres from a child’s leg, a fuel tank with a rag stuffed in the filler hole, and a loose fuel line positioned above the hot exhaust pipe.

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Improper use of motorised bikes can be dangerous

Why is it legal to buy these kits if it’s illegal to use them?

Unregistered motorbikes may be ridden by unlicensed riders on private property without the need for a licence or registration.

However, consideration should still be given to the noise being emitted and whether it is excessive.

South East Queensland has many parks where motorbikes can be ridden legally, so consider making use of them if your bike meets the correct requirements.

What are police doing?

Police seek to identify the riders of the motorised bicycles with a view towards educating both the rider and, in the case of children, their parents about the relevant rules and risks.

Repeat offending may result in the rider and their parents or guardians being issued traffic infringement notices or a notice to appear before court.

We want everyone to stay safe.



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