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Cycling Glasses Photochromic Outdoor Sport Hiking Eyewear


Color: Five Colors
Lens Width: 170mm
Lens Height: 55mm
Lenses Optical Attribute: Photochromic/Polarized
Lenses Material: Plastic
Frame Material: TR-90
Item Type: Eyewear

Pls note:

For 1016 series glasses, please don’t worry if the legs of the received glasses can’t be aligned. Just adjust the legs of the glasses, and then they can be used normally

Product Details

Color: 5 colors
Nane: Full frame Cycling Glasses
Model: Photochromic/Polarized
Weight: About 29g
Material: PC Lens+TR Frame

Product Features

All-weather color changing, riding, driving, seaside wear, 5 colors optional

Outdoor glasses

Product information

Dustproof,windproof and anti-glare ride fearlessly

Wide lenses provide an effective protection area for the eyes

According to the intensity of UV,Automatically adjust discoloration

The color-changing lens can automatically adjust the,color change according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, the strongerthe mirror,the darker the mirror surface the weaker the specular, the lighter the color, until transparent

Prevent strong light from hurting eyes effectively block UV rays

TAC polarized lenses

Using TAC polarized material, effectively block UVA\UVB, filterharmful light Eye protection, clear vision, true color

UV400 UV protection

Block UVA,UVB, effectively resist ultraviolet rays to protect eyes

Full frame large field of view comfortable wearing experience

Large-area TAC lens, TR full-frame frame design,wider field of vision and better protection

Dirt Resistant Lenses waterproof and easy to clean

Coated lenses, stain resistant and easy to clean

Built-in myopia frame Addressing myopia needs

Myopia 400 degrees, astigmatism less than 200 degrees,the above is not recommended

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