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Cycling is an effective way to relieve the work pressure

Cycling is an effective way to relieve the work pressure

Except for freelancers, most workers have a 9-to-5 job in the office. The office proved to be a nerve-wracking place. Last year, 37 percent of all work-related illnesses were caused by stress. However, riding an e-bike can relieve the pressure of work.

Regular exercise, such as commuting by electric bike, can help relieve stress. Workers who exercised regularly were 27 percent less likely to call in sick than their inactive colleagues, the study found. Not only does riding an e-bike keep employees fit, it can also reduce the number of patients each year. Exercise increases the production of hormones such as endorphins and cortisol, which are more effective at reducing stress and making you feel better. In addition, regular exercise can increase self-confidence. A study by the university of Leeds found that workers who took part in sports activities during their lunch hours were more productive.

The number of cyclists in London has increased by 155% in recent years, taking into account the positive impact of electric bikes. The change is not just in London but in many cities, where 760,000 people now cycle to work. Cycling to work relieves stress and is good for your health. A five-year study by the university of Glasgow found that people who commute by bike have significantly lower health risks than those who drive or use public transport. To name just a few, the risk of cancer was reduced by 45 percent, the risk of heart disease by 46 percent, and the risk of cardiovascular disease by 27 percent.

Good riding habits: pay attention to the frequency! Especially when accelerating and going uphill, avoid pedaling hard. Don’t try too hard, otherwise it’s easier to sprain or bruise.

Strengthen your workout: once in a while, maintain your bike position but relax your arm muscles. Your lower back muscles will be forced to “lift” the weight of your upper body. If you haven’t exercised in a while, it’s normal to have lower back pain if you’ve been lying on your stomach for a long time. It can be combined with other parts of the body, such as sit-ups, dumbbells, etc.

What should I pay attention to when riding an electric bicycle? The most suitable height of the seat cushion: when the foot stirs to the lowest point, the leg may not exert oneself to unbend, the knee may not need to bend, but when the leg slightly exerts oneself to unbend, the knee may have the trace curve. The riding position bends the back slightly and arches it into an arc, so that the back and spine have enough room to adjust themselves to absorb the force of the vertical impact spreading from under the seat cushion. These small impacts may be insignificant, but over time they can cause spinal cord injury. Go to the car shop to get a professional to adjust the bike Settings or put a simple bike fitting on the Internet. Adjust the height and front and rear positions of the pads, the height and width of the handlebars, the length of the handlebars and the length of the crank.


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Cycling to work is not necessarily a difficult feat. “cycling to work is a great way to get healthy,” says Mark Bull, chief executive of landstad. With many companies launching “commuting by bike” schemes, cycling has become part of everyday life. So, what are you waiting for? Ride your bike to work!

E-bikes offer three riding modes

  1. Cycling mode: power off, manual trampling, unable to keep fit (100% trampling)

Low power or want to ride fitness thorough exercise and environmental endurance infinite

  1. Power mode: turn on the power supply, trample forward, and automatically trigger the motor power (50% of the tread force and 50% of the power)

Manpower and power are equal to increase the mileage of easy exercise

  1. Electric mode: turn on the power, speed up the crank, and advance at full speed (100% power)

Electric power at full speed like an electric car without a stampede to enjoy the leisure fun





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