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Do electric bikes work without pedaling?

If you own an electric bicycle, you can use it as a means of transportation and ride to and from get off work. It can be used as a travel tool for short trips, but someone asked whether it is possible to drive the motor without pedals to achieve the purpose of riding? The answer is yes!

fast electric bike

Traditional electric bicycles rely on pedal-driven motors to rotate to achieve the purpose of riding. Almost no pure electric riding device is equipped. Hotebike electric bicycle adds an important accessory of traditional pedal electric bicycle: thumb handle. It does not rely on pedal drive for easy riding, which is very convenient for people who do not like pedal assisted riding but like stark electric bike.

battery for electric bike

Although this kind of riding purely relying on electric motors is very comfortable, compared with pedal-assisted electric bicycles, stark electric bike riding requires a larger battery capacity. If the battery capacity is small, it means that if the battery is exhausted, you will soon experience difficulty riding a bicycle after the battery is exhausted. Therefore, you need to replace the battery for electric bike with a larger capacity to meet your needs.

stark electric bike

Hotebike sells larger capacity lithium batteries for electric bikes, battery for electric bikes and high-power fast electric bike, which can make your cruising range and riding experience faster and farther. I have whatever you like, please click hotebike official Website view



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