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E-bike health: a basic cleaning guide for eletric bicycles

A lot of people, though, throw their cars in the garage every time. But those of you who ride a lot will benefit from cleaning your bike every time it gets dirty, saving you a lot of unnecessary dirt, hassle (and money). Today I want to tell you how to do basic cleaning at home.


Whether you’re cleaning or tuning your car, it’s best to have a parking frame and plenty of space. This can greatly facilitate the car cleaning and debugging process. If you don’t have a parking frame, park your car upside down.

Muc-off chain cleaner (recommended), multi-purpose foam cleaner (if limited, use diluted dishwashing liquid instead, about a small cup of dishwashing liquid mixed with a basin of water), 2 toothbrushes, and 1 towel.

Wash your car: start with the dirtiest transmission system, then move on to the brake system, body, and wheels. This is the most convenient and hassle-free process.


1.Transmission system

Spray the chain cleaning agent on the chain and flywheel, wait a moment, let the cleaning agent and the chain flywheel on the oil and dirt fully contact and dissolve, and then use two toothbrushes clamp the chain (if there is no toothbrush, use a towel, but the towel is not conducive to brush off the dirt on the inside of the chain), rotate the crank to clean the chain.

(you can see the dirt on the dissolved flywheel.)


Clean the flywheel with a towel and brush. You can use this wheel brush as an auxiliary tool. It’s very easy to use. If not, use a towel. Insert the edge of the towel into the gap between the left and right flywheel. When cleaning the flywheel, do not spray WD40 directly on the flywheel sheet to avoid WD40 penetrating into the base and damaging flower drum.

(after and before cleaning with foam cleaning agent)

Clean the brakes. It is best to remove the brake boots and clean them, because the towels or brushes we use have grease stains on them, which can cause abnormal brake noise. Crevice part can use towel edge horn to insert pull to clean, also can use toothpick.


When cleaning the transmission system, don’t rush to remove the rear wheel. Because the chain and flywheel cleaning needs to be done in conjunction with the transmission, the crank needs to be rotated to make the chain and flywheel blades more clean.


2.The frame

When the transmission system is clean, remove the front and rear wheels and leave the body.

The frame cleaning is actually very simple, just like wiping the table, using the lotion you have in your hand + the towel, the whole wipe can be. Especially now most of the carbon fiber frame is an integral molding, no special extra joints, clean maintenance is more convenient.

It’s still foam cleaner (really versatile and super easy to use).

Crank, tooth tray, handlebar, stand, seat tube, cushion. The crevice between the crank tray and the five-way joint, insert the towel and rotate it to clean it.



Anyway, when you wash your car yourself, the rule is to rub it as far as you can, whether it’s with a towel, brush or cotton swab.


After the car body is cleaned, install the wheel group (convenient rotation cleaning).

Still spray foam cleaner, wheel rim, strip, flower drum, all clean. Flower drum if it’s hard to get your hand and towel in, wrap the towel like this and rub it up and down.



Congratulations, the whole car is cleaned! Check again for any missing areas.

Finally, adjust the speed, pump the wheel, oil the chain, and you’re done!

Of course, if your car has been hit by a big dirt road crossing, or if it’s raining, you can wash the mud off the surface of your car with a shower before scrubbing.



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