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How to find out who’s at risk? e-bike inspection before riding

How to find out who’s at risk? e-bike inspection before riding


Today I want to introduce a seemingly not very important, but it is a very, very important small process — the ebike inspection before going out. Many people who ride for many years have never done a proper inspection, but in the view of the small series, to be responsible for themselves, to be responsible for others, this is the correct attitude of cycling. Without further words, let’s introduce!

You check the weather forecast and it’s another day with 20 degrees and no wind. You have plenty of energy bars and sports drinks to keep you from hitting the wall all day. You’re dressed up in your new custom bike suit and top-of-the-range helmet, and you’re the best-prepared handsome boy/girl. But have you noticed that you’ve taken everything into account, leaving out the most important person you’ve ever had around: your ebike.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the eletric bike is essential, you can go half a year to the car shop to do a full set of maintenance, also can put these dirty work to the technician to deal with, but the establishment of safety awareness absolutely cannot rely on others, but to rely on yourself. A simple whole-car inspection can take only a minute, and avoiding an accident will save you a lot of irreparable costs. Having said the importance, let’s talk about how to do it.



1.Check front and rear wheels and brakes We recommend that you inspect the eletric bike from bottom to top, both static and dynamic. Bottom up means you need to start at the wheel and slowly look up. First, lift the head, turn the front wheel by hand, and observe whether the tire is embedded with sharp foreign body, whether the tire is damaged, whether the tread pattern has been worn out. In the case of any of the above, a tyre replacement is required. The so-called static and dynamic, means that with the rotation of the wheel group, you need to check whether the  wheel rim rotation is in the same plane, if not, that is, we say the wheel rim “ladle”,

it should be timely adjustment or replacement. The most important thing is to see if the brake seat is worn out, and if it is worn enough, it needs to be replaced immediately. The rims should be approximately equal in width to the brake pads, otherwise it will accelerate wear on one side. Hold the brake handle and the wheel should stop spinning immediately, otherwise the clamp may be too loose.


Inflating tires is always annoying, but choosing the right tire pressure can make your ride more comfortable and effortless. If you’re cycling on a clear day on a perfectly paved asphalt surface, rolling resistance may be a priority; If you are unlucky enough to be on a rainy day or on a SLATE or muddy road, you may find that a 10 psi reduction in tyre pressure makes a difference. That’s why you need a pump with a barometer.




2.Check the cracks on the frame

After checking the wheels, we checked the frame in the same way. There should be no cracks or welds on the whole body, and the aluminum frame should focus on welding spots. Carbon fibre frames are vulnerable to previous collisions. Tap the surface of the frame, the sound should be consistent, if there is a sound is not clear, sound splitting, there may be a dark injury below the paint surface, must be sent for X-ray examination. Check the handle, stand and seat tubes in the same way. Any crack can break after being subjected to such violent forces as speed bumps and high speed rockers, so don’t joke about your safety!


Many riders are hit by bouncing stones from the road, which sometimes bounce off the frame and damage the paint or even the pipes. These are often hidden injuries that you won’t notice during a quick inspection, so take the car apart to clean it and go through them one by one while you’re doing maintenance. If a large crack or pit is found, repair or replacement is required.


3.Check whether the speed change system is smooth


The last thing to check is the transmission system. Lift the seat to lift the rear wheel off the ground, while turning the pedal, move the shift lever, making the chain smoothly switch between each gear position. If there is a block, jump chain, gear position can not go up, in front of the rubbing chain, off the chain, and other problems, you need to adjust the speed line elastic; If the chain is rattling, it may need to be dripped with chain oil. Make sure the transmission system works smoothly to make your ride enjoyable. On the contrary, along the way the ear is full of “chirping chirping” voice will let you in the hot summer particularly irritable, affect the mood of the day.

That’s all you need to check out your favorite electric bike before you head out the door.If you have any Suggestions or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments section~



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