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Ebike Cycling etiquette you must know

So far, the cycling season is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, and good summer weather means mountain trails are busier than usual. Because of these extra riders, it’s absolutely necessary to get a clear understanding of the latest mountain e-bike riding etiquette. We’ve developed some easy to follow, but still very important rules to use when you’re out on your e-bike trail. Also, remember that smiling is always the best etiquette.
(1)Share the road
Everyone loves the sun, whether it’s a walker, a runner, a cyclist, or a horse rider. No matter who, everyone wants to have a good time in summer. So make sure you don’t ride the whole way “fast and furious” on public roads, as it is most likely to annoy some people there. Don’t make enemies. If you see someone on the road, slow down and be careful.
(2)Don’t litter
No one makes friends with someone who litters. This is so uncool. Enjoy and appreciate nature here instead of “contributing” plastic, food packaging or used inner tubes. You take something out for an e-bike ride — you have to take it home, too. You can also earn RP points by picking up litter on the road.
(3)Keep the path dry
Summer can mean thunderstorms and heavy rain from nowhere. This usually leaves the ground strewn with mud and water. Even if you’re ready to ride, some trails may need extra time to dry out. Be patient and let the road dry, or you may permanently destroy a trail, especially if it is used by a large number of people throughout the year. Be patient — it’s worthful!
(4)Don’t cut corners
The builders of the mountain trails put in a lot of work so that all riders can enjoy their creations. So don’t sabotage their hard work by cutting corners and creating new routes off the track. It’s just selfish. If you want to get creative, why not grab a shovel and make your own trail?
Obviously, taking a shortcut will destroy nature because the grass on the bushes and grass on the grass will wear out, so just enjoy the wonderful clues in front of you and be creative within its boundaries.
(5)Lend a hand
If you see someone sitting on the side of a path, or struggling on their e-bike, or just looking a little lost — stop to check if they need help. In some cases, everyone forgets a spare tire, a map, and leaves their multi-purpose tools at home. Someone may have had a serious impact, someone may have just lost a part. Help at all costs.
(6)Be nice — say “hi”
Above all, be kind. Whether you’re on the road or somewhere else, make sure to say “hi” and “thank you” as you pass.



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