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How to adjust the most perfect riding condition

The most painful thing for a cyclist is not being able to ride for a while. What is more painful than not being able to ride a bike is not being able to find the feeling and state of riding a bike after a period of time. Whatever your reason for taking a break from cycling, it’s going to be hard to start over. So how do you get your perfect cycling condition back? Listen to me carefully.
    To do a good job, a workman must first sharpen his tools  
Your bike has been on the wall all winter, dusty in some places and not moving smoothly in others. If your bike hasn’t been serviced before winter, it could be worse. Therefore, a spring ebike maintenance and maintenance is particularly important, because no one will find happiness riding a gurgling bicycle. If you happen to know what to do, it will save you a lot of money. And if you’re confused about equipment, chances are the bike shop is lining up to do the dirty work for you.
    Sufficient cycling and experience  
Even though you’ve cycled tens of thousands of kilometers in the past year, your sense of mobility and cycling skills have deteriorated in just one month. Perhaps you will find that you use a lot of energy to pedal, think you have already 30 cruise, look down at the stopwatch is only 25km/h; Maybe you come to a familiar climb and think you’ve got it, only to find that it takes quite a bit of effort to reach the top. This is the result of inattention, when you need to find a quiet suburban road and ride a lot to get back to the way you used to ride. Your muscles need to be aroused, your joints need to be lubricated, your nerves need to be taut — and in less than two weeks you’ll be able to see that you can focus on the road and feel the feedback it gives you. A lot of repeated cycling practice is the simplest, most direct and effective way.
    Collective travel fun!  
As the saying goes, “one person can walk very fast, but a group of people can walk farther.” This is also a wise saying in cycling. If you can’t stand the monotony of flying solo and can’t push or push yourself to keep your teeth up at a high speed, why not travel with a partner? On the road, you can talk about the anecdotes of your life, about the equipment, about your cycling plans for the coming year. The most important thing is that you have walked dozens of kilometers together before you know it. Your body has imbibe the sense of riding, which will subtly enhance your level during your later riding.
    Let the body fully recover  
Cycling is such an addictive sport that the more you ride and the more miles you travel, the better you can keep improving. Isn’t it? Wrong! All physical activities require time for rest and recovery to allow the body to take in nutrients to restore energy and consolidate the results of training. Cycling without a focus on recharge and rest will overload your body and reduce your performance. Ask the game players around you, look at their schedules, and you’ll see how important recovery day is. Of course, rest days are not an excuse to be lazy, but part of hard work.



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