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Electric bicycle high-energy rear dial disassembly and maintenance

To share with you today how to clean and oil lubricated the rear dial

There are a lot of electric bicycle riders who ride long or short distances, good or bad road conditions, and always like to clean it when they return home. They can’t wait to wipe every corner of the electric bicycle, and don’t drop a little dust or a little oil in the e-bike.


Of course, not every corner of the bicycle is so easy to clean, such as the chain of the transmission system, the sprocket wheel, the front and rear dial, the flywheel… The electric mountain bike rear dial is the most difficult to clean and maintain. Because the structure of the rear wheel of the mountain bike is relatively complicated, there are various kinds of connecting rods and springs, as well as guide wheels and guide plates. The gaps in these parts are also difficult to clean, and in theory it is possible to use a water gun to flush the gap. However, the washed water will still enter the inside of the bearing, resulting in the loss of lubricating oil, so it is necessary to disassemble and maintain.


It was a large effect of small maintenance operation.


Many bicycle riders have noticed the maintenance problem of the rear dial wheel. The long-rotating guide wheel can easily get some hair, leaves or other things, which seriously hinders the rotation of the guide wheel. If the guide wheel of the electric bicycle can rotate smoothly, the pedaling of each foot will save a little physical strength, which is a large effect of small maintenance operation.


First of all, you can clean the appearance of the rear dial of the electric bicycle. You can use the cleaning agent to wash away the sand and oil, and then brush it with a brush. Then use a hex wrench to loosen the screws of the rear guide and remove the screws to remove the shift guide and tension guide. At this point, the direction of the two guide wheels should be remembered. The shifting guide pulley and the tension guide wheel are different. The accessories and positions of the two cannot theoretically be mixed or interchanged. This should be clearly defined to avoid affecting the shifting performance.

After simple cleaning, first disassemble the electric bicycle rear dial

Although the bicycle is only used for one month, it can be seen that the rear dial is still dirty.

Use detergent to spray and then clean

Use a brush to clean it (this brush is a bit big, you can use a toothbrush), then wipe it with a rag

Generally speaking, the guide wheel will have bearings, the non-top parts are bearings with bushing + oil groove combination, and the top fittings will use high-precision ball bearings, but the maintenance principle is the same. After removing the cover, you will see a steel bushing inside the guide wheel, which can be removed and cleaned. In addition, there are some oil grooves in the axial part of the guide wheel. Pay attention to clean and not leave foreign matter to avoid increasing wear and resistance.

The guide wheel is also the same cleaning step, pay attention to the bearing and the bushing are clean



After the general cleaning, you can use the lubricant for maintenance. Here you can choose to use liquid lubricant or grease. The fluidity of the liquid lubricant is stronger, the resistance of the guide wheel after maintenance is small, and the rotation is smooth. However, lubricating oil will be easier to lose and need frequent maintenance. If grease maintenance is used, lubricity and protection are good, and lubrication can be maintained for a long time, and the maintenance period can be extended. It is recommended to use grease for more worry. The grease is applied evenly and the oil tank can be filled to achieve long-term lubrication.

pay attention to distinguish two different guide wheels

Select lubricating oil or grease to lubricate the rear parts according to your preference or usage.

After the cleaning and maintenance work is completed, it can be assembled according to the original disassembly position. At this time, one of the details that many electric bicycle riders ignore is the problem of screw tightening. In the experience of riding, I also saw a lot of mountain bike riders disassemble after riding, mostly because the guide screws are not tightened. Even if the force is tightened, there is a chance to loosen again. At this time, you can use the “screw glue” to help tighten our screws (if you don’t have it at the time, you can use the raw material to wrap the thread temporarily tightened). The screw rubber is selected from medium and low strength, so that the disassembly and maintenance will be more convenient in the future. Clean the threaded part of the screw, then apply the screw to the thread and tighten the screw. The screw glue will prevent the screw from loosening and avoid serious damage to the parts after the kickback.

A skill: use screw glue to prevent the loosening of the screw after tightening

Then follow the disassembly steps and reassemble and you’re done!



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