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Cool, how to lift the tail?

Lifting the tail of an electric bicycle has always been a challenging project in the cycling circle. If you can show this technique in front of your friends,  you can definitely be praised by your friends.


Before the tutorial begins, we must remind the bike riders to be safe first, and the urgency is useless. At the same time, the practice of lifting the end of the bicycle is also best done on a flat ground. Because doing so allows you to better grasp your own center of gravity, it is more convenient to adjust.


Let’s take a look at how to train the mountain bike rear tail!

1. Use the brakes to slightly lift the tail of the electric bicycle


First, please ride slowly at walking speed, then pinch the front brakes to stop your mountain bike completely. In this process, you can tilt front your body’s center of gravity a little, but don’t overdo it, otherwise it will be easy to roll over.


In this step we only ask for the rear wheel to be lifted slightly. So you can move the center of gravity a little bit to feel where the center of gravity of the electric mountain bike is tilted.


2, stepping down the pedal to make the electric bicycle tail tilt higher


After the first step is proficient, you should have been able to stabilize the rear tires in a slightly raised state. Then you can step down the pedal on the foot in front.


If we compare the crankset to a clock and the crank is a pointer, then your crank should be in the 6 o’clock direction. At the same time, you can also swing the foot behind you and place it on the front wheel as close as possible to the front fork.


3. Release the brakes and use your feet to let the front wheels roll backwards.


This step requires you to release the brakes and use your feet to roll the front wheels backwards. This action requires the front brakes and the feet to cooperate with each other and the e-bike will move backwards.


4, use your feet to drag the wheel on the ground


First set a small target – we use the foot to drag the front wheel backwards by 10-14 inches. When you successfully move the foot to the position you want to move, hold the front brake again and lift the foot back to the place near the front fork. Prepare to repeat the action.


The purpose of this action is to turn your front wheel backwards to lift the rear of the electric bike, and gravity causes the tail of the bicycle to fall to achieve balance and stability.


5, balance points need to practice more


It’s not difficult to find a balance point when the electric bicycle tail is still. But as long as the bike moves a little, you may feel that you are going to fall, and the tail that flutters forward or is hard to lift is falling again.

But there is nothing to say about this situation, that is, to practice more to find the feeling.


6, finishing work


If you have already practiced the above steps, then I believe that you can control the bicycle to the end. The closing work is actually very simple, you only need to hold the brakes, the bicycle rear wheel will fall back to the ground.


Finally, attach a few small Tips:


As mentioned above, because of the unstable center of gravity, if your mountain e-bike moves forward during the practice, you will feel your center of gravity falling forward, and even almost over the grip.


But please don’t panic at this time, please remember that as long as you hold the brakes, the tires that are tilted will easily fall back to the ground.


And if your body has crossed the grip and it is difficult to control it by the brakes, please put your freely moving foot on the ground quickly.


Finally, it is better to practice with the bicycles without the cover of the tires, such as fenders, which makes it easier to practice.


We hope that the tips mentioned in this article can help you. Are you ready to show up in front of your friends?

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