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Electric Bike–Ready to Ride this Spring

electric bike mountain

The weather is getting warmer and there is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than by bike. Spring is the perfect season for cycling-flowers bloom, birds sing, sunshine gets better and the world comes alive. The wind blowing in your hair, the sun on your face, and stepping in the fresh spring air, there is a truly magical feeling.  

Whether your e-bike sits in the garage all winter or you’ve just cut back on the mileage, the spring riding season feels like a fresh start. In some states, cyclists can’t ride at all during the winter. Other motorcycle enthusiasts can record some mileage during the winter months. In either case, spring, summer and autumn are still prime time for cycling.

Whether you are ready to start riding in the spring or choose to use an electric bike to go to work, before you have used an electric bike for a long time, please check it out, which can make your travel more comfortable and safe.

STEP 1: Check the Tires 

electric bike tire

Start by checking the tires. 

Check the sidewall of the tire to make sure there are no cracks or cracks. Worn tires mean less traction and result in more frequent blowouts.  The importance of proper tire pressure  Riding at the right pressure has a number of important benefits for your tires.  Let’s start with the most important one:Clear. The right tire pressure will ensure you have the best grip when cornering, especially on wet roads.  Tire pressure has a huge impact on driving comfort. If the tire is too hard, you will bounce around, and a tire that is too soft will not roll as well.  If your tire is too soft, there is a good chance that it will hit the rim on uneven roads, resulting in faster wear and/or a flat tire. Proper tire pressure can improve durability.  Why replace worn or damaged tires  As the tyres wear down, the risk of puncture increases, which is not what you want. In addition, worn treads can become slippery and quickly reduce grip.

For your safety and carefree riding, we can only say one thing:Change your tires in time! 

STEP 2: Check and Test your Brake System

check your brake system

Carefully observe the brake pads and brake cables for any damage.  If you see any excessive wear, they should be replaced.  Also test your front and rear brakes to make sure they are working properly.  If you hear any squealing or scratching, you may want to have a mechanic take a closer look.

 After all, whether or not your brakes are working properly is quite important and can save lives.  How can this be done?

 First, check whether the brake pads are worn.  If they need to be replaced: Replace them

 Next, the tension of the brake cable (for mechanical rim brakes), or the pressure of the brake cable (for hydraulic disc brakes) must be sufficient to brake properly.  Can you press the brake lever all the way to the handlebars?  If so, check the brake lines and adjust them appropriately.

 For mechanical and hydraulic brakes, it is important that both braking and release proceed smoothly.  If not, you need to adjust it.

 For rim brakes, it is important to adjust the brake pads so that they contact the braking surfaces correctly.  Not too high, or you will touch the tire, and not too low, or you will damage the rim.

STEP 3: Check Derailer

While your bike is still attached to the bike rack, turn the pedals with one hand and shift up and down all the gears with the other.  As you shift gears, watch the chain to make sure it jumps smoothly up or down to the next gear.  If there is a delay between jumps, or if you hear the chain clicking as it tries to grab the next gear, then the derailer needs to be adjusted.

This can be done with a multi-tool, or you can take your bike to a store.

Step 4: Check the Battery

A6AH27.5 750W-electric bike-4

Battery problems are some of the most common problems with bicycles after parking in winter. Leaving it in storage will drain your battery quickly, so it will most likely need recharging.  But before doing that, make sure the battery port is dry and clean before connecting it to the charger.

And before you plug the charger into a wall outlet, make sure you have a secure connection from the charger to the battery port.  Keep in mind that lithium-ion batteries, such as your e-bike battery, can lose their lives if left for too long-like three or four months in winter.

That’s why it’s critical to store your e-bike battery in a warm, dry place with a charge rate of less than 80%. If you can’t fully charge the battery, or if the battery doesn’t charge at all, it may be stored incorrectly.

If you notice this happening to your bike, contact your merchant so they can help you with the problem. 

STEP 5: Check the Grip and Seat 

bike grip

Check your grip and seat cushion to make sure they are in good condition and there are no cracks or wear points. If you’re a road or gravel rider, make sure the grip tape stays tight and hasn’t come undone. 

bike seat

Step 6: Check the Lights


Test the front and rear lights The batteries in your front and rear lights may have died in the winter. Recharge or replace to make sure you are easily seen on the road. 

Step 7:Clean your Bike

clean your electric bike

No matter where or how you store your e-bike, you can almost guarantee that it has accumulated some dust. Properly cleaning it will not only make it look cleaner, but also make it safer and more durable.  Remove the battery from the bike and first wipe the frame with a dry cloth. Then add a little basic cleaner to the cloth and lightly wet the cloth–don’t get it wet. Too much water on electronic components can damage technology, and too much water on metal parts can lead to rust. And give the frame, lights and reflectors a wipe.  Use an old toothbrush to remove any stubborn grease that may be found on the chain, under the fender, inside the brackets, and anywhere else.  After the chain is clean, lubricate it-preferably dry-to protect it from corrosion and make the ride quiet. Also make sure it doesn’t sag. If your chain has been excessively rusted, replace it immediately for safety and convenience-the last thing you want in the new season is to encounter a broken chain during the ride.  Be sure to check all screws and tighten any loose ones–such as those on the handlebars, near the fender, and on the rear shelf.  

After going through all the steps above, the last step is to take your bike for a ride. 

Step 8:Take your Bike for a Ride

ride to spring

If you can get your motorcycle out of the garage during the winter and ride it safely on the road a few times, it will help keep that precious machine alive. It can also keep your sanity and ease the pain of waiting.  The Importance of Test Riding  Once you’ve completed the 8 steps of maintenance, it’s time for a final check to make sure everything is running smoothly, lubricated, and most importantly, working safely.

You don’t want to encounter equipment failures, unsafe conditions, or even accidents due to technical flaws along the way.  What should I pay attention to during the test ride  During your test ride, you use your two senses, which is your hearing and of course your feeling. 

In fact, you shouldn’t just hear the sound of the chain rolling on the sprocket and the change of gears. Beyond that, your intuition usually speaks for itself. If everything feels smooth and comfortable, without bumps, bumps and all sorts of strange rattles, then your bike has returned to perfect condition.


The beginning of spring means warm weather and a desire to hit the road.  

STEP 1: Check the Tires 

STEP 2: Check and Test your Brake System

STEP 3: Check Derailer

Step 4: Check the Battery 

STEP 5: Check the Grip and Seat 

Step 6: Check the Lights

Step 7:Clean your Bike 

Step 8:Take your Bike for a Ride 

Whether you’re a road rider, gravel miller, mountain biker, or you’re just planning to commute around the city, go through the above checklist before you set out.

After you have completed all the above steps, congratulations, you can start your electric bike ride! If you have friends and family riding with you, ride together and enjoy your own happiness. If you have interested friends around, want to ride, but lack of electric bikes, you can come to our website HOTEBIKE browse, find your own electric bike.  


I wish you a happy ride, enjoy the freedom and the breeze.



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