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Four-wheeled electric bike CityQ

Four-wheeled electric bike CityQ

Ebikes may indeed require less pedalling effort than regular bicycles, but most still offer little in the way of cargo capacity or protection from the elements. Four-wheeled electric bike CityQ is designed to provide both, along with four-wheeled stability.

Created by Norwegian company CityQ AS, the vehicle is pedalled like a bike, with a 250-watt motor augmenting the rider’s pedalling power. However, the pedals aren’t directly linked to the drivetrain. Instead, the CityQ features what is simply described as “a software-managed drivetrain – like you find in electric cars.”

A windshield, roof and side doors help protect riders from the wind and rain. The cabin can be configured to seat either two adults (one behind the other), one adult and two children, or one adult and extra cargo space. The vehicle measures 87 cm wide by 155 cm tall by 222 cm long (34.3 by 61 by 87.4 in), weighs a claimed 68 kg (150 lb) and can handle a maximum load of 300 kg (661 lb).

According to its designers, it legally qualifies as an ebike, meaning that it can be driven in bike lanes and other car-free areas. It also doesn’t require a driver’s license to operate.

Its electronic drivetrain is claimed to enable features such as automatic gearing, a reverse gear, regenerative braking, a heavy cargo mode and cruise control.

The CityQ is available now for preorder via the company website.It is priced at €7,450 (about US$9,093).

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