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Front motor, middle motor, rear motor electric bicycle which is better?

The trend of electric bicycles is increasing every day, and the design and functions of these electric bike motors are also increasing. According to the location of the electric motor, there are three types of electric bicycles on the market.

Front, middle or rear motor electric bicycle. Which is better?

The main features and advantages of front electric bicycles are as follows:

In a front-motor electric bicycle, the electric motor is placed in the middle of the front wheel. In the front electric bicycle, the installation of wires and batteries is relatively easy. Generally, in a front electric bicycle, the electric motor pulls the rider forward.

Compared with the rear electric bicycle, the front electric bicycle is relatively simpler to install and configure. This is because former electric bicycles usually do not have a gear system.

The front hub motor helps distribute the total strain between the front and rear wheels. The front wheels bear the weight of the front, while human power adjusts the rear.

In addition, the front motor system is isolated from the rest of the bicycle. This separate placement makes maintenance of the bicycle easier without disturbing the electric motor.

But one of the limitations of front-motor electric bicycles is their low motor capacity, such as 250W or 350W. This is because the front fork of the bicycle lacks a structural platform compared with the rear wheel hub electric bicycle. Therefore, your choice will be limited by the choice of motor capacity.

At low speeds, the front electric bicycle is prone to traction problems. This is due to the weight distribution in the front motor model.

electric bike rear hub motor

The characteristics of intermediate electric bicycles

An electric bicycle with an intermediate motor is also called a hub motor electric bicycle. In these types of electric bicycles, the motor is actually placed near the center of the bicycle. But the power of the electric motor rotates the rear wheel of the control chain drive. At present, in-wheel motor technology is a widely used technology in electric bicycle motors.

Intermediate motor technology requires less maintenance. The overall performance and torque of the middle electric bicycle is generally better than the front or rear electric bicycle. The middle drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheels, making the electric bicycle more balanced compared to the front and rear motor electric bicycles.

Because the battery and the motor are placed together, there is no or no power loss. When the battery and the motor are placed separately, some power loss occurs.

When climbing hills or cruising along flat ground, the mid-drive motor may be uncomfortable. They need to change gears more frequently.

A higher power system will shorten the life of the motor. Compared with other models, it may result in more frequent replacement of motor parts.

Since mid-mounted motors require more design work, mid-mounted motor electric bicycles are generally more expensive than front or rear motor electric bicycles.

bike with motorelectric bike motors

Features of rear motor electric bicycle

For electric bike rear hub motor, the drive system is directly connected to the rear motor. This gives the rider a sense of pushing, which in turn makes the rider more responsive.

The rear electric bicycle is usually famous for its design. The built-in rear electric bike gives them an unusual appearance. This design is compatible with the largest capacity motor on the market. Therefore, if you prefer power, the rear bike with motor is very suitable.

Advantages of electric bicycle rear motor

Many models of modern electric bicycles use rear motor technology. Therefore, these models are more popular. Most people who have experienced ordinary bicycles will find a more natural riding experience in the rear motor electric bicycle.

The rear-mounted electric bicycle also has the appearance of a standard bicycle, and there is not much strange design and manufacturing. This makes many drivers prefer this model.

The rear electric bike motors are usually more powerful than the front electric bike motors. In this way, the rear electric bicycle is more comfortable for heavyweight people.

Which electric bike motor system is best for me?

We have studied the differences between all three motor systems of electric bicycles. It is concluded that the center of gravity of the electric bicycle with the rear motor drive is better. High cost performance, greater power, stronger transmission performance, more suitable for the needs of modern people.

best electric bike

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