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Genze electric bike and HOTEBIKE Commuter Electric Bike Review

Genze electric bike and HOTEBIKE Commuter Electric Bike Review

Genze electric bike Review

GenZe 200 series electric bicycle

The GenZe 200 series e-bike is powered by a rear hub motor rated at 350 watts nominal, though my guess is that it’s putting out closer to 500 watts of peak power.

That power is supplied by a 36V and 350 Wh battery, which is mounted in the frame and is removable from the side. The battery has a surprisingly small form factor yet offers a range of 30-50 miles (48-80 km) under pedal assist, or 15-18 miles (25-30 km) with pure throttle. I wouldn’t call the battery “pocket-sized” in the truest form, but I can literally put it in the pocket of any pair of jeans I own. That comes in handy if I’ve got two hands full of groceries and still want to bring the battery up to my apartment to charge it inside.

Once back in the bike, you can barely tell the battery is there. It is given away only by its small grab handle near the top and charging port at the bottom. Otherwise, it just looks like it’s part of the frame itself.

For those of you (like me) who prefer a hand throttle, the GenZe 200 series e-bike has that too. You can select through 5 levels of pedal assist, or drop it into Level 0 to activate the twist throttle. You can also operate the bike completely analog without any electrical assistance.

The GenZe is plenty peppy and offers good acceleration. It has mechanical disc brakes, which are one of the few things I would have liked to seen upgraded. Hydraulic disc brakes would have been nice for their reduced maintenance.

Fortunately, the mechanical brakes on the GenZe seem to work perfectly fine and haven’t needed too much adjusting during my riding. Plus, you’ve got to keep in mind that this is a $2k e-bike (or more with added accessories), and fancy features like juice brakes would make it harder to achieve that price point.

The bike does lack suspension, so it’s best used for the street. That doesn’t mean you can’t take it on a trail or two, as Yamaha’s electric gravel bike taught me recently.

In fact, the larger Schwalbe Big Apple tires on the GenZe mean that gravel trails should feel even smoother, even without the suspension.

A lack of rear suspension is par for the course with commuter e-bikes. Sometimes companies will toss on a cheap suspension fork so they can try and fool you with “comfort” marketing gimmicks. In the end, cheap suspension forks make pedaling less efficient and are often the first thing to fall apart. In a way I find it refreshing to see a good quality rigid fork on a bike like this. The tires are sufficient for absorbing normal road vibration and any rider worth his weight in inner tubes does his best to avoid pot holes anyways.

The display on the GenZe is bright and clear, though it is mounted fairly low on the bike. Being integrated into the top tube, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing the display from the bike. But it also means you have to look further down than you normally would to check your speed, battery, power assist level, etc.

With 8 gear ratios, the GenZe 200 series e-bike is more pedal-able than a lot of other budget electric bicycles, offering you a full range of gears for everything from hill climbing to blasting through straightaways at full speed.

The bike itself is solidly built and feels much more robust than budget e-bikes. Everything about the bike feels high quality, just like you want to see on a daily rider. There are no cheap plastic pedals or brake levers – GenZe chose only proper heavy-duty cycling equipment for this bike. That includes many things that make a difference in the bike’s performance yet don’t add much to the cost, such as a strong double center kickstand or the inclusion of water bottle bosses. The ability to carry a water bottle is surprisingly hard to find on many electric bikes, believe it or not.

Basically, the whole bike is just well thought out and sturdily built. And that’s no accident, either. GenZe designs them that way for a reason. The company’s bikes are often used in industrial applications. City bike sharing programs like Ford’s GoBike use the GenZe bikes as their platform, with some modifications for sharing use.

In fact, GenZe just announced a new turnkey e-bike fleet service based on their electric bicycles. The e-bikes are largely identical to the consumer version, like the one I’ve been riding. However, they are supplemented with features including IoT technology designed to help independent operators easily launch and maintain a rental, corporate, or shared e-Bike fleet.

Companies with delivery services including Postmates and Doordash already use GenZe e-bikes in their own electric bicycle delivery fleets, and now GenZe is making that even easier for other companies to adopt their technology.

There’s a reason those companies don’t use cheap e-bikes found on Amazon. Companies who use bikes for deliveries need something more rugged that can stand up to all day, every day use. That’s what I love about the GenZe e-bike, it’s a solid machine that I can commute on, pushing it hard every day without worrying if the bike will hold up.

The real winner is the smartphone app
But as impressive as I have found the bike to be, the accompanying app is perhaps even cooler. It was developed in part by taking much of what was learned from the company’s large GenZe 2.0 scooter fleet.

In my review of the GenZe 2.0 scooter, I praised the powerful and convenient app that supports the scooter. You can thus imagine my excitement when I found that the GenZe bike uses a nearly identical app!

From the app you can do a number of things, from adjusting the bike’s settings to checking its location on a map to getting alerts if someone is tampering with the bike. You can even shut off the bike remotely to stymie a would-be thief.

The app also offers GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions. And it will ensure that you are only taken on roads that are suitable for bicycles.

I use it most often for simple things though, like checking my battery level. It’s annoying to leave the apartment and check the battery charge level. With the app, I can know how much battery I have left and if I can reach my destination without leaving the comfort of my couch.

HOTEBIKE Commuter Electric Bike Review

EBike 36V 350W Assist Adult Electric Bikes Hidden Battery A6AH26

Tire: Kenda 26*1.95 tire
Disc Brake: front and rear Tektro 160 disc brake
Battery: 36V 10AH hidden lithium battery
Display: Multi function LCD display
Motor: 36V 350W Brushless Gears Motor
Max speed: 30km/h (20mph)
Gear: Shimano 21 speed with derailleur
Controller: 36V 350W intelligent brushless controller
Front Fork: suspension aluminium alloy front fork

A6AH26 Good Design With Hidden Battery, And Look Like A Normal mountain Bike At First Sight!

1. Hidden removable waterproof battery
2. Independent R&D patent bike frame
3. Outlook: Electric bike that looks like a normal bike

ebike Frame:
Classic aluminum alloy mountain bike frame, own mold, independent development, patent design.
ebike Battery:
Lithium battery hide in frame is removable, making it easy to charge it separately from the bike. It is more fashionable and convenient.
Electronic bike control system:
Design and production by ourselves. Multi-function large screen LCD display shows lots of data like Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, etc. Comes with a 5V 1A USB mobile phone charging port on the LED headlight for a convenient phone charging on the ride.
Bicycle Mechanical part:
Front and rear mechanical 160 disc brakes provides more reliable all-weather stopping power, which keep you safe from any emergency. Shimano 21 speed gear increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adatability. Suspension alumimun alloy front fork, make your riding more comfortable.

36V 350W Brushless gears Hub electric bike motor
36V Hidden Lithium Battery A6AH26 electric bike
Powerful Imitation Torque Sine Wave EBIKE Controller

Big Screen Waterproof Multi-function LCD Display
Offering a digital screen and fancy look control all functions on your ebike

Shimano Conjoined Brake Levers & Gear Shifter
Easy to shift speed, cut-out electric when braking



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