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Hotebike electric bicycle battery lithium ion battery

Hotebike electric bicycle battery lithium ion battery

With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of new energy sources is becoming more common, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution. At present, new energy lithium-ion batteries have become mainstream products in the battery market.

Environmental protection and the rational use of non-renewable resources have become the primary principles for contemporary economic development. The emergence of electric bicycles is a typical new energy product that follows these two principles.

Our Hotebike electric bicycles use lithium-ion batteries, mainly 36V 10AH and 48V 13AH to meet the different needs of customers.

Lithium ion battery chemistry knowledge:

Lithium ion electric bicycle battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery), which mainly relies on lithium ions to move between positive and negative electrodes to work. In the process of charging and discharging, Li + intercalates and deintercalates between the two electrodes: when charging, Li + deintercalates from the positive electrode, intercalates into the negative electrode through the electrolyte, and the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state; the opposite is true during discharge.

hotebike battery

How to charge new batteries?

It should be noted that when using a lithium battery, the battery enters a sleep state after being left for a period of time. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened. But the lithium battery is easy to activate, as long as 3 to 5 normal charge and discharge cycles can activate the battery and restore the normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it has almost no memory effect.

hotebike battery

Hidden lithium ion battery about our electric bike

Our electric bicycles use removable lithium-ion batteries, hidden in electric bicycles, and look more beautiful. Each charge can reach a long battery life of 35-50 miles, and a full charge takes only 4-6 hours. The compact battery is hidden in slashes, removable, invisible and lockable. The high-speed brushless motor gives ebike the best acceleration in its class. Lightweight aluminum alloy frame and sturdy suspension fork ensure smooth driving on different roads.



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