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How does 21 Speed gear of an electric bike increases hill-climbing power

Variable-speed electric bikes can be said to be a kind of racing bike, thin and narrow wheels, the purpose is to minimize the body weight, so that the ride light, high-speed. The purpose of the bicycle speed change system is to change the speed of the bicycle by changing the combination of the chain and different front and rear gears.

The size of the front and rear discs determines the strength of the bicycle’s spinning pedal. The larger the anterior disc and the smaller the posterior disc, the more strenuous the kicking. The smaller the anterior disc and the larger the posterior disc, the more relaxed the foot pedal. According to the ability of different riders, the size of the front and rear wheel can be adjusted to adjust the speed of the bike to cope with different road sections, road conditions.


In the electric bicycle frame, tire, pedal, brake, chain and other 25 parts, its basic components are indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, which bears the weight of the people and goods is the largest. According to the working characteristics of each component, it can be roughly divided into guiding system, driving system and braking system:

Guide system: it is composed of handlebar, fork, axle and wheel. Riders can steer the handlebars and keep the body balanced.

Drive (transmission or walking) system: it is composed of pedal, central axle, sprocket, crank, chain, flywheel, rear axle, rear wheel and other parts. Human foot pedal force is through the foot pedal crank, chain wheel, chain, flywheel, rear axle and other parts of the transmission, so that the electric bicycle forward.

Brake system: it is composed of brake components. Riders can control the brake at any time to slow down, stop and ensure the safety of driving.

In addition, for safety and beauty, as well as from the practical point of view, also assembled lights, brackets, code table accessories.

Through the analysis of treading frequency to correctly use the mountain bike transmission


Teach you how to properly use the mountain bike transmission, but in this have to say a noun is the frequency, the frequency means that the foot pedal pedal frequency. Treading frequency is a minute as the unit of measurement, treading frequency of 90 means a minute to pedal 90 turns. There is a special tachometer, with the working principle of the code table is the same, you can calculate the pedal pedal frequency. However, the general riding friends will not be equipped with tachometer, no code table high utilization rate. Then you can attach to the treading frequency table, according to the code table speed to use the reasonable transmission gear.


The way to use the transmission is to use the lower gear first. Take the 24-speed transmission as an example. In general, the transmission is not used after the 7 and 8 gear, gear is too small, affecting the life of the chain. And the transmission is best not to hang 1-8 gear, 1-8 gear tooth disk is the smallest gear, flywheel is the smallest gear, the chain is not straight, is oblique, this is not good for the chain, will accelerate the impact of your chain life, is not good for the transmission. Likewise, 3-1 is not good because the chain is also slanted. Two long time do not ride, park the car, you can change to 1-8 gear, so before and after are the smallest gear, can make your back pull spring relax, extend your back pull life, but 1-8 is not riding with the gear, before riding, that is, before people on the car, it is best to change to 2-4 gear. If a 24-speed gearbox is used, it is recommended to shift gears from low speed to high speed. The combination is 1-1, 1-2, 1-3,1-4,2-2,2-3,2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 3-6, 3-7, 3-8. Normally, gears 2-4, 2-5, and 2-6 handle most road conditions, with speeds ranging from 15 KPH to 22 KPH without effort.


The best starting time is 2-4 gears, which is the same as the first gear when the car stops and starts again. 2-4 gears is the most labor-saving and relatively fast speed. If you stop for a very short time or wait for a red light, when the speed is high, in the process of slowing down the car constantly drop to gear 2-4, you can start with 2-4. If you feel like you’re pedaling very lightly and your legs are moving very fast and your pedal frequency is over 90, shift to 2-5. Again, keep your pedal frequency up to 90. If it’s still light and your pedal frequency is easily over 90, shift to 2-6. If you’re pedaling in second or sixth gear and your legs are tired and you can’t move and you’re not strong enough to maintain a 90, go down one gear, or if you don’t think you can maintain a 90, go down another gear. This is the simplest way to change speed. It can be calculated through rotation, or take the 24-speed transmission as an example, the treading frequency is 90 and 2-5 gears are used, and the speed is about 19.5km/h, which is suitable for people to ride at ordinary times. This gear and speed are more suitable for leisure riding. If you want to speed up, you can step the pedal frequency to about 100, the speed will be 23, this time change to 2-6 gear, you can continue to pedal with 90 frequency, because maintain 90 frequency using 2-6 gear speed is just about 23. Remember, to speed up, you need to pedal the frequency, that is, the number of laps your legs turn, not to use high-end, high-end will only slow down your speed. Cycling at ordinary times is the same, the original use of 2-4 files, run the speed of 16.5 kilometers per hour, stepped frequency is just 90, accelerate the words don’t shift, accelerate the speed of the pedal directly, speed to 19.5 km per hour, with two to five, at this time you only 2-5 gear to maintain the speed of 19.5 is ok, because this time just stepped frequency is 90. If you still want to speed up, or do not shift gear, directly accelerate the pedal speed, the speed to 23 and then shift gear, 2-6 gear will be ok. And so on, to accelerate you just pedal, basically every four miles per hour or so you change gears. Of course, if you find yourself pedaling too hard to maintain a 90, lower your gear to maintain a 90.


Shift gear before going downhill. Shift gear is also a skill, shift gear when the power of the pedal to reduce the appropriate force, do not send force, the leg with the foot rotation, dial the shift can be. Such shift to the transmission and chain damage is small. If you are on an uphill road with a particularly low riding frequency, you will notice the click of the chain when you change gears. Listen to the click and you will know the benefits and disadvantages. Traffic permits, and can ensure safety, can accelerate, first by inertia uphill, speed up when more than 110 with frequency, climb and maintain 100 above step frequency as far as possible, can quickly climb, if I couldn’t climb up, need to shift, the first shift, to reduce the strength of the pedal, the two is almost at the same time. If you can shift gear while climbing a steep hill and your gearbox doesn’t click, you’re good with it. If the frequency of steep steps is very low, hard power shift, the chain is at risk of fracture.


Again, if you want to run fast and save energy, the use of high frequency is the most reasonable way. If you don’t want your knee to get sick, don’t use the 3-8 gear anymore. The 3-8 gear is for people who can go 50 kilometers an hour.


Through the road classification, analysis of the correct use of the transmission


1 The highway (straight, less obstacles, high visibility) here is the highway car heaven, but not the mountain bike hell, generally use the first 2 after 4 gear to speed up, and then gradually before 2 after 5-6, this time into the first 3 after 5, the timing of gear shift according to visual observation of the road slightly slope to determine;

2 Ramps (uphill and downhill) here is a key technology to talk about, is not to the ramp shift, must be in before entering the ramp in good gear, especially uphill, or middle shift may be because the transmission shift process has yet to be completed and lost power, that will be very troublesome, USES the minimum in front of the hill theory, namely, “1” behind the biggest, is also the principle of “1” to shift, but the actual according to actual gradient to determine after the flywheel gear, recommended before 1 after 3 gear, downhill in theory the biggest front, namely third, behind the youngest, the principle of 7 gear to shift, However, it also needs to be determined according to the actual slope and length. The first three and the last five are recommended.

3 The most characteristic of complex road surface (obstacles, more corners, poor road conditions, poor visibility) is that there is no way to uniform path, stop-and-go, so we should choose a relatively middle gear path, recommend the first 2 after 4, which is convenient to accelerate, riding and very easy.

Mountain bike riding in the city, rarely can give full play to the performance of the mountain bike, after all, the pursuit of the mountain bike is not speed, but in a variety of complex and

It is the greatest pleasure to be able to pass safely under bad road conditions.



Finger and foot skills when changing speed


When changing speed, in order to reduce the wear on the transmission system, and improve the smoothness, usually the foot first a few times, then the legs just follow the wheel to turn not to apply force, at this time the finger press change speed lever or turn change speed handle. Of course, when you’re climbing up a steep hill, you’ll find that it doesn’t work. If your transmission is relatively high-grade, then it is good to directly start, the same can be very smooth transmission, after all, is the thing of steel, occasionally the violence will not have what the problem. If you have a low speed gearbox, you might want to stop and rest for a while and get the rear wheels in the air before you get on, or you might find that the chain has been rattling for half a day and you haven’t done your job yet.


Individuals have a method, in slope climbing midway need to change is not very big, can be two or three meters, lateral riding this process, the car is quite flat road, during rapid change, because the load is not hear the sound of the crack, but this can only be used for little vehicles on the road, and to observe whether there is a car before, or you cross in the middle of the road speed suddenly turn a car, nature of both parties.


Collect and sort, among them also have contradictory place, for instance reasonable gear choice, before the view with respect to gear of corresponding flywheel of after disc differ. (personally, I think 2-3456 is more reasonable and commonly used). The point that needs to make here is, although great majority change speed is happy ma nuo but the adjustment of every car’s change speed is different, so oneself car suits what gear oneself take care of to observe, need not force the view of others, below the premise that does not violate big. Oneself pay attention to observe, because shift is more difficult to adjust every gear is very accurate, a few commonly used adjustment is good!


Hotebike A6AH26 Model 21 Speed gear increases hill-climbing power




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