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Do you know the difference between a fat tire on an electric bicycle and a normal tire

The name of fat tire is “deflated tyre”, short for RSC. After inflation, the tire wall is the main part supporting the weight of the vehicle, especially some flat ratio (flat ratio is the ratio of the height and width of the tire) larger tires, the tire wall is very “thick”, “burst” serious usually lead to the moment of the tire wall collapse? , so that the tire instantly lost support, resulting in an immediate change in the center of gravity of the vehicle, especially before the front wheel ride bike.

Wheel burst tire, tire after the moment of the center of gravity is likely to make the vehicle out of control. The fat tire is composed of outer tire, common inner tire, spare inner tire, steel ring, gas generator (or air storage chamber), pressure sensor and control unit. Therefore, people with fat tires should pay attention to overcharging.


The difference between fat fetus and normal fetus:

1 Robustness: compared with its normal tire, the side wall of the fat tire is covered with a layer of natural renewable rubber developed through nano technology. However, the ordinary tire has been defeated in robustness.

2 Wear resistance: when the tire burst due to various reasons, at this time the explosion-proof tire can drive a normal distance without an explosion on the spot, at least we can drive in a safe area or to the nearest repair shop for maintenance; However, ordinary tires are unable to run normally after the lack of air, if the occurrence of a flat tire is not more dangerous.

3 Safety: if the safety coefficient than its, the fat tire is certainly higher than the ordinary tire, the fat tire gives the automobile to its vehicle’s shock absorption system request is very high, therefore when USES the fat tire also must to its automobile shock absorption system nitpick.


Advantages of fat tire:

The tire wall of fat tire is thicker, and at the same time, some ductile material was added during the production, so that the wear resistance of fat tire is better, so its service life will theoretically be longer than the general tire. And more than ordinary tires have a stronger safety, do not have to hang a spare tire, found after a leak, as long as the safety of low-speed driving to the auto repair shop.

Although the fat tire has superior advantages in safety, but in fact it also has disadvantages, which is the reason why most electric bicycles are not equipped with the fat tire.


1 Fat tires weigh a lot. How much heavier is the riot gear than the regular gear? Think about the wire inside. The off-wheel weight is almost four times that of the on-wheel, so you can imagine the impact on torque. If the e-bike is equipped with two explosion-proof tires, it is equivalent to the weight of a child.

2 fat tire comfort is not good. Airless tires are more comfortable than normal tires because of the reinforced design on the tire wall.

3 fat tire repair very troublesome, lack of gas shielded tires will be firm, but not after the tire is made it will be very trouble, especially from hub to tire ripped off the link, because of its womb wall is very thick very hard, very not easy to get down, even with a machine more troublesome, if the operation is not good to tire wall caused irreparable damage, and the lack of gas shielded by tires can be directly after replacement.


Big tires have two conditions: large wheel diameter and large width;

The bike with large wheel diameter is lighter to ride, has great inertia and strong passability. Now the wheel diameter produced by big brand manufacturers is getting larger and larger, ranging from 26 to 27.5 to 29.

Wide tires are tiring to ride because the area in contact with the ground increases, increasing friction, and they are more stable to ride and have better braking performance.



350W mens fat tire mtb electric mountain bike (A6AH26F)

High power fat tire electric cruiser bicycle specification:

Motor: 36V 350W Hub Motor

Battery: Lithium Battery 36V 10Ah Hide in frame

Throttle: Thumb Throttle

PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist Sensor

Frame: Third Generation Aluminium Light Weight Alloy Frame

Display: LCD Screen Control

Gear: SHIMANO 21 speed

Brake: Mechanical disc brake system

Tyre: 26*4.0 inch wheels

Front light: 3W bright front light with USB charging port

Saddle: Comfortable saddle

Seat post: Suspension seat post

Charger: Smart Charger

Max Speed: 30km/h

Max Range: 40km per charge

Max Load: 150kgs



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