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How Does a Shorter Crank Change the Assist Level

The concept of “Torque Sensing” is to quantify the rotational force (your role on the pedal) through the sensing mechanism and software. The “system” can use information about how hard you push the pedal, as well as other data collected, such as rhythm, bicycle speed and motor speed, so that it can respond to it in the best way.

The torque you apply to the pedal is very important because HOTEBIKE basically wants to zoom in but makes it feel natural and useful.

When using a shorter crank, the available torque may be reduced (because other factors will also play a role), which may result in a power output curve that is lower than the optimal value.

HOTEBIKE has been fine-tuning the system’s bias against every data set it receives, and most of the patches are related to the use of eMTB, because cycling scenes, riding styles, terrain, bicycles and components change much more than urban bicycles. It’s very attractive. We’re trying to build a perfect eMTB system.


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