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Affordable E-bike for American Market A6AD26

Nowadays,more ore and more individuals and families are trying to keep in touch with Jones economically in America. Many people reject the consumer mentality that has dominated American Society for years. Nothing eats money faster than a car. Payments, interest, gasoline, Auto Insurance – the list goes on and it tends to not stop.

E Bikes provides legitimate transportation options for consumers who want to avoid excessive fuel consumption.

Here recommend the top sale e-bike for American market A6AD26 as below:                                                                             

A6AD26 e-bike

1.Motor:48V 500W Brushless motor 
2.Controller: 48V intelligent brushless
3.Battery: 48V 10AH  dragon  battery
4.Multifunctional LCD3 display    
5.Tyre:KENDA 26″*1.95                                                                                                                               

6.Frame:6061 Aluminum Alloy frame
7.Max Speed: 35-40 KM/H
8.1:1 PAS range with pedal assistant 50-70  KM   
9.Display:LCD3 display 5 speed level                                                                                                    

10.Gears: Shimano 21 speed                                                                                                              

11.Front fork aluminum alloy suspension /travel:100mm  /Lockout + Rebound Cartridge                                                              

12.Disc brake:160 disc brake                                                                                                            

13.Rim:6061 Aluminum Alloy                                         

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