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How to choose the power of electric bicycle?

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How to choose the power of electric bicycle?

There are many styles of electric bicycles on the market, with different appearances, parameters, prices and so on. The first thing people see and pay attention to is definitely the appearance of electric bikes. When you are attracted to an electric bike and can accept its price, then the next thing you need to consider is its specifications. Let ’s take A6AH27.5 from Hotbike as an example to see how we should choose the power of electric bikes that suits us.

A6AH27.5 can be said to be a mountain bike or a city bike. why?

Our company’s A6AH27.5 series has different configurations, 350W, 500W, 750W or larger. Different powers suit different needs. The same parameters of A6AH27.5 are as follows:

1) Premium Shimano 21 speed gear derailleur;
2) Reliable Tektro 160 disc brake;
3) Multifunctional LCD display panel;
4) 3W LED headlight for night riding (including USB charging jack);
5) Tyre: 27.5 * 1.95 inch wheels
6) Max Load: 150kgs
7) PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist Sensor;
8) Pedal assist level: 5 level
9) Throttle: Thumb Throttle
10) Charger: Smart Charger

choosing the power, we should take these things into consideratin:  our purpose (hiking, sport, commuting, shopping or other), the frequency of use (occasional or regular or even intensive), and the number of kilometres to be covered per day, the distance of the longest journeys envisaged, the difficulty of the terrain. 

A6AH27.5 different power:

350W A6AH27.5 We can call it a city car. Its battery is 36V 10AH hidden lithium battery, charging time is 4-6 hours. Range per charge (PAS mode): 40-60 km; Max Speed: 30km / h. Suitable for daily commuting, commuting, shopping, etc, also suitable for women.

The 500W A6AH27.5 can be called a mountain bike. Its battery is 48V 10AH hidden lithium battery, charging time is 5-7 hours. Range per charge (PAS mode): 40km-60km per charge; Max Speed: 35km / h – 40km / h. Unisex and practical.

750W A6AH27.5 We also call it mountain bike. Its battery is 48V 13AH hidden lithium battery, charging time is 5-8 hours. Range per charge (PAS mode): 35-50 miles; Max Speed: 40km / h – 45km / h.

Suitable for traveling, adventure, and so on, it is so cool even difficult terrain can hold.

    In addition, our company also has A6AH26, which is a 26 inch tire, which is smaller than A6AH27.5, but it is also a very practical electric bicycle, which is worth owning. Hotebike.com


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