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How to clean your Electric Bicycle?

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How to clean your Electric Bicycle?

Keeping your electric bicycle clean is essential preventative care. It’ll lead to a longer service life and ensure your ebike is in tip-top condition every time you ride. By cleaning your electric bicycle after each ride, you will prevent buildup of debris and dirt that could lead to more serious issues.

If you treat your electric bike well it will treat you well in return.

1 Don’t use high power water or jet stream hoses as the water will infiltrate the electrical components and may cause damage. Also, you don’t want the water to remove the lubricant from the bearings, it will cause them to move slower and possibly corrode. 

2 If using a high powered hose be careful to not jet water in too close to the hubs, bottom bracket, headset or anywhere else that is normally greased throughout.

3 Use a toothbrush and warm water to wash away any dirt, sand, or other debris that has gathered on the chain or in the gears. Once complete, remove all remaining moisture with a dry towel.

By following this guide you’ll learn how to properly clean and de-grease your electric bike. We recommend to clean your e-bike after each ride or as often as possible where time allows. It’s easier to clean bikes straight after riding, rather than leaving the dirt to bake on. 

Cleaning Your e Bike
– You’ll need a good cleaner and also cleaning brushes / sponge. Also degreaser and a disc brake cleaner for the brakes. Be careful not to get this close to any braking surfaces though!

– Use a chain oil to keep it lubricated after cleaning, make sure it isn’t left dry. We’d recommend to apply a dry lube on the chain or wet lube if riding in very damp conditions. Learn more for why, when, and how to lube your chain.

– Lube the cables with a spray oil, preferably one that dries.

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