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How to decide what electric bike is right for you

How to decide what electric bike is right for you

With the development of the times and society, people pay more and more attention to the health of the body and the life of environmental protection. Therefore, electric bicycles have become the main means of transportation for short distances. So how do you choose an electric bike that suits you? Then please see the analysis below.
What will I be using this electric bike for?

There are many reasons why people use e-bikes. Some examples are want with green vehicles, mobility inconvenience, carrying groceries or cargo for your rv or boat for a second car, a way to increase your daily exercise, or of course just for fun!

We did an article about commuting. You can read if you want to implement a new routine and start some habits. It’s smart to commute by electric bike. It is good for the environment, physical and mental health. You can cover large distances in a relatively short time. Depending on the traffic, it might even be faster than driving to work. This is great because you only need to work as hard as you think, so sweating is not a problem for the office environment.
Choosing something to commute to, you might want to consider the terrain you’re going to ride, the route you’re going to take, and how you’re going to store your bike at work. If it’s a short city lane and you have a cubicle, a foldable bike might be a good choice. Of course, the bike lock outside is very long. If you have a long commute and have lots of hills or even off-road conditions, commuting style or mountain biking may be the best choice.

Liquidity problem
E-bikes are amazing for people with mobility problems because they can provide bikes to many who have long since given up on the idea. Cycling is a great way to improve your health and happiness, especially if you don’t go out as much as you’d like.
If you fall into this category, cruiser-style bikes with comfortable seats are the best choice. Contact your health care provider first, and then visit your local bike shop to get the right health status. There are steps through the model that are almost effortless, like those of pedestrians or urban commuters, through the traditional look that’s gentler.

Whatever your reason, e-bikes are definitely fun. From visiting boardwalks, explore local trails or just ride around town. It’s like having superpowers when you step on them. People have been riding bikes for a long time, and e-bikes are just another fun way to do activities you already enjoy.
If you want to be casual, then any style can meet your needs. Visit your local bike shop and try several models. You might like the idea of mountain biking and find a beach cruiser that feels better in every way. You never know until you try.

The goods
If you need a bicycle to transport groceries from your local farmers market or grocery store, you will need to find a bicycle with sufficient supplies. A cruiser with a basket and a shelf on the back may have had enough, or you may have had the option of having a full set of cargo bikes like the pedestrians go Stretch.

The exercise
Exercise may be the best reason to buy an electric bike. There are some common misconceptions around this topic, and we’ve written a whole article about exercising with an electric bike. Read it later in this article. Electric bikes are a great choice, whether you are recovering physical health, you are looking for a tool to further explore and explore more, or a partner or friend can use the extra boost to keep up.
You can exercise with any kind of bicycle. Commuting and mountain biking will support more athletic postures and make you more athletic, while cruisers are ideal for leisurely riding and easy exercise.

What kind of terrain will I be biking on?
It’s important to consider where you live. Are there many mountains there? Do you live in a city with plenty of parking lights or on long dirt roads? Does the idea of biking on the beach or in the snow appeal to you?

Terrain is an important consideration. Of course, cross-country bikes will need cross-country bikes, but there are other, more subtle considerations. We have introduced the motor type before, and this information can be applied here. Of course, any motor from a reputable brand can work under any conditions, and there are some things to consider. Some motors have smoother transitions when stopped, while others have more torque when powering hillsides.

The best way to determine what suits your needs is to ride a few bikes. Notice how it suddenly accelerates. Is it responsive and smooth, or is there a slight delay, then a surge or power supply? How powerful are bikes compared to other models you drive? How many levels of booster does this bike have? There are no right or wrong answers. It’s just what feels best for you.

If you live in areas with trails, beaches, or lots of snow, mountain biking or fat tires can be game-changing. In addition to being designed to ride in difficult conditions, additional enhancements to the motor make these conditions easy to use.

How far do I want to go? 
If you’ve been doing research, many manufacturers or retailers will tell you that most any e-bike will go much further. That makes a lot of sense. Most people will be exhausted before the electric bicycle battery. That said, the actual range of these bikes varies by model. Some of our bikes range from 15 to 70 miles, depending on the battery and other variables selected.

It comes down to a lot of considerations. There is no standard for the range of estimates. Your weight, terrain, battery size and capacity. For all of these variables, there is some basic mathematics that can be applied to the estimated bike range.

How to estimate the range
You need to consider the battery voltage and ampere-hour rating. Now you multiply these two together and you get watt hours. This is a measure of the energy stored in the battery.

This is complicated by all the variables such as rider weight, weather, speed and terrain. You can expect to use about 12-24 watt-hours per mile. The amount of pedals you use and the level of support you use will make a big difference.

What is your budget?
On the budget side, there are trade-offs to consider.
The quality of components will greatly influence the price. For example, highly engineered motors with fewer moving parts will cost more and require less maintenance over time. Bicycles with high quality brakes, wire machinery and electrical components will also have a big impact. You also need to consider battery size within your budget. The larger the range, the more expensive the bike. The key point here is that you can get paid relative to other comparable models in a particular category.
Some bikes are already more expensive, like high-end mountain bikes. These e-bikes are designed with the necessary components and construction that make them typically more expensive than many cruisers or commuter models.

A final consideration is cost and the feeling of the bike. High-end bikes tend to be quiet, smooth and responsive, not always, and you can expect more economical bikes to feel less refined. This means that depending on a number of factors, it may accelerate suddenly or not respond quickly enough to a cyclist’s input. What’s interesting about this is that it’s completely subjective. Some people like the powerful sudden acceleration of some bikes, while others like the soft feel. The only way to know your best options is to visit your local store and try it out for yourself.



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