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If you don’t get over these 8 levels, you’ll have a hard time riding your bike

Electric bikes are easy for anyone to learn, though, it’s hard to ride well if you’re not a good cyclist. You may not have passed the following eight levels. NO 1.Interest Interest is the best teacher, only you have enough interest in the bicycle, or you will be hard to ride.
A lot of people start cycling with a very strong purpose, for example, to lose weight, but after a few days of cycling found that the effect of weight loss is not obvious, gradually lost their initial enthusiasm. In this state of mind, e-bikes are impossible to ride well, or even give up completely in a few days. Only a long-term interest will get you through the tough times and allow you to take the initiative to learn and improve.  
  NO.2 Electric bicycles  
To ride an e-bike well, it’s not enough to have interest and enthusiasm. You have to have an e-bike.
Buy electric bicycle to need to choose according to the element such as oneself budget and utility for certain, but a bit won’t be wrong, it is good car affirmation is good. We do not deny that some people ride 28 bars to break up the highway party, and some people ride Shared bicycles to Lhasa, but can you do it? Can the average person do that? Did they ride well? If you have enough budget, you will definitely buy an expensive e-bike

  1. Choose the brand. Pay attention to choose well-known brands, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.
  2. Choose models. The safety and performance of different models vary greatly. It is suggested to choose and buy simple and light type.
  3. See appearance. Pay attention to the surface gloss, gloss, pay attention to the quality of welding, painting, electroplating.
  4. Looking for a feeling. Test ride to feel whether the starting, acceleration and running of the vehicle is smooth, whether the vehicle is comfortable to operate, check the degree of brake tightness, handlebar flexibility and wheel activity.
  5. Check procedures. Check whether the production license, instruction manual and qualification certificate are valid and complete, and check whether the accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether locally licensed models are available.
  6. See the configuration. Whether the relevant important parts, such as battery, motor, charger, controller, tire, brake handle, etc., are brand products. The motor had better choose brushless.

    NO.3 Bored training  
No matter how talented you are, you cannot become a real cycling god without systematic and hard training the day after tomorrow.
Training is extremely boring and hard, to be honest, most people really can’t stick to it, many people prefer to ride a 10-mile flat road rather than climb a 1-mile slope. Can you be a god by riding like this? Quantitative change leads to qualitative change. As long as you can keep training, it is only a matter of time before you become stronger.
  NO.4 Injuries  
Any sport, there is the possibility of injury, cycling is even more so.
The car is not properly adjusted, the riding posture is wrong, the riding intensity is too high, the safety consciousness is weak… Not paying attention to any one detail can lead to an injury following you, and a true cyclist is someone who is very protective of his or her body. They don’t let themselves get hurt, and when they do, they take it very seriously. Injuries can kill a superstar, not to mention us, so I hope you take cycling health seriously.
    NO.5 Families  
Those who ride well are sure to have a strong back.
Just think, mom, wife (husband) does not agree with you to ride a bike, often have an argument, can you still concentrate on riding a bike? So, make sure you handle this before you ride.   NO.6 Bad habits
Smoking, drinking, staying up late… Every bad habit affects cycling.
If you look at the professional athletes, most of them are very disciplined, and the non-disciplined ones, even if they are talented, will soon fall. In addition, bad habits in cycling, such as riding without a helmet, wrong riding posture and so on, should be eliminated. Bad cycling habits not only affect cycling ability, but also may bring safety risks.
  NO.7 Experience  
A good cyclist must be an experienced one.
The best way to improve the experience is to ride more, more experience, more thinking, more improvement, more training, more accumulation, this is a long process, do not hurry. Learning from experienced old drivers is a shortcut, but you need to make efforts to fully absorb and convert it into your own.
Cycling is not about listening to others talk about the experience of riding sichuan Tibetan, you can ride to Lhasa, playing the car is not about listening to others talk about how to fly the bag, you will play. Paper to come to the light, must know this to practice.
  NO. 8 mentality  
Cycling to a certain stage, is to fight mentality, fight strategy time.
Usually ride a bike very cow, once take part in a competition to sot, usually all sorts of movement with hand come, once have a girl beside all sorts of fall… This situation, is obviously not the mentality, need to change the promotion. Strategy is also extremely important, such as route planning before the race, making a good strategy, and writing a good road book before a long ride are all signs of the importance of strategy.
In fact, we all understand the above truth, but how many people do it?



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