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No more worrying about the monotony of your home page – 10 ways for bike photography which make friends’ likes

No more worrying about the monotony of your home page – 10 ways for bike photography which make friends’ likes


After a hard day on the eletric bike, you have prepared an elaborate “post” on facebook and instagram, ready to lie down and get lots of likes, but the actual situation is not optimistic. Are you not cute enough? Are you not handsome enough? Maybe not. It’s time to reflect on whether your photos are good enough. Here are 10 Tips that you can use to make the most beautiful kid on the street.

1.Why does the bike stand up without leaning on it?

Many eletric bike owners ask: ‘In the images on Hotebike, how did the cars’ stand up’? Is it a fishing line? Or with a stick? The actual situation is like this: the photographer and the assistant cooperate and complete: the assistant first hold the front end, the photographer said 1, 2, 3 let go, click! quickly finish shooting, the assistant then quickly hold the front end again, the early stage is basically completed, the later stage will use ps to cut the person in image.You can use this skiis on grass or on beautiful roads


2.Take advantage of a good View ahead


What if the picture is monotonous? Look for flowers and grass around you. Lower the camera, or even lie down on the ground.


3.Make good use of natural light and shadow


It is said that photography is the art of light and shadow, and if you are good at discovering light and shadow in your environment, then you can easily get unique photos. The above picture was taken on an overpass. At this moment, the sunlight from the rider’s side shines on the ground, creating a reflection of riding. After taking the picture, rotate the photo 90 degrees clockwise to get the above picture, giving the illusion that the shadow is riding.

4.Make good use of screen curves


The picture created by the curve composition has rhythm. The curve composition is mainly used to shoot the euphemism river, the continuous road and the guardrail, the uneven coastline or mountain edges and edges, etc., with the natural extension of the curve, the viewer can be brought into the environment at that time.

Curve composition, generally need to stand on a higher level, to capture the panorama.


5.Close-ups are often impressive

Good at finding touching details, such as sweat left after riding, scars left by falling off, and tears shed during victory. When you see this, take a closer look, cut out the rest of the information, and focus on what you want to say.


6.Catch a rare reflection

Just after the rain, there is a pool of water on the main road, then you should think of “reflection shooting”. Ask your friend to ride over the pool and lower your camera to shoot. You will easily get the picture like the one above (rotated 180 degrees clockwise).



If you encounter rivers, lakes and, fortunately, some beautiful scenery, don’t miss it. Keep your camera down and you’ll get some unexpected shots.


7.Use horizontal lines wisely

The proportion of the existence of heaven and earth should be controlled at 1:2 or 2:1, which can make the photos have strong aesthetic value and visual impact. In this photo, the blue lake takes up two-thirds of the picture, giving a sense of tranquility.


8.Try focusing

Now that many smartphones have a slow shutter speed (and some apps offer it), use a slower shutter speed and try a few tenths of a second, a hundredth of a second. The camera moves horizontally in the direction of the subject, keeping the same speed as the subject, so “focus” for about 2 seconds, and then press the button to take a picture. Don’t worry, try more, you will succeed.

Focusing gives an extreme sense of speed.


9.Slow shooting is also a good choice

Turn the shutter speed down, try a few tenths of a second, a hundredth of a second, and find a nice background to use as a still reference.

Slow shooting can give people a different visual experience


10.Find interesting pictures

A good street photographer must have an eye for discovery. For them, all the wonderful sights come from the environment around them, the people around them. In the picture, whether the dog on the back seat makes you laugh, what a lovely dog.




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