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Look it before you buy a ebike! How not to buy the wrong one

Look it before you buy a ebike! How not to buy the wrong one

Part of the Fitting service is to help the customer select a suitable car frame according to the Fitting data. In the past process of Fitting, I found that many ebike friends bought the wrong one, or almost bought the wrong one, because many friends do not know much about the geometric significance of the electric bike frame. The two most important data of frame geometry: Reach and Stack
  Why did you buy the wrong bike? Some brands and non-professionals promote small size better, recommend the use of small size;
Some brands and special size sales promotion, resist the temptation;
Some businesses recommend inappropriate sizes to clear inventory;
The car shop was unprofessional and recommended the wrong size.
You misjudge your own qualifications and abilities, believing that you are as good as sagan and froome;
And so on. How can I buy the right bike? Bike Fitting or simple Sizing
It’s absolutely critical that you get a professional Fitter that’s more accurate than your own personal ride. I said that wasn’t just the Sizing of the machine. To tell you the truth, that wasn’t very reliable. Instead, Fitter helps you to simulate Sizing of different sizes in the simulation car, and Fitter gives reasonable Suggestions through observation and communication. The following way to refuse: (1)Go to a brick-and-mortar store for a ride
Even if you’re exactly the same height as your friend, there’s a good chance you’ll use the same size, but there’s a good chance he’ll use the wrong size and car type.
(2)Refer to the brand height and size comparison table
This is not what you want to rely on, many people are the wrong guide. Especially some European and American brand comparison table, and the actual situation of Asian car friends is very different. Last week, the experimental device was fitted with a height of 182cm and a height of 810mm. Domestic car users in the afternoon, height 188cm, seat height set 804mm. There’s a really big difference in body proportions, even between Chinese people and Chinese people. As far as Fitting is concerned, what data should we see when we buy a bike? The geometric data of the frame is very complicated, but we basically only need to look at the following three data.
(1)Reach –the horizontal distance from the top center of the five-way center to the end of the pipe


Reach basically determines how far your upper body will be pulled forward. Of course, we can adjust the length of the stand, but I often come across riding a 54-yard road bike with 70mm or even 60mm. Frame size and handlebar length should be within a reasonable range for aesthetic and better handling.
What’s wrong with getting your upper body pulled too far forward?
Basically, sore hands, sore shoulders, neck pain, back pain are all possible.
  (The Reach is too big and the upper body is pulled too long)
What’s wrong with not stretching your upper body enough?
Not aerodynamic enough, don’t underestimate this, we have been concerned about the aerodynamic effect of the bicycle. In fact, a driver who lies three degrees lower on the upper body may be able to kill all the aerodynamic benefits of a car. Of course, high-power cycling doesn’t breathe well enough, and problems like handlebars and hand-to-hand fighting can occur.
(2)Stack — the vertical distance of the top center of the five-way center and the end pipe


Stack basically determines how low your upper body gets pulled down, which is what we call the drop (seat and handlebars). As with the Reach value, we can also compensate for the improper stack height by gaskets and raising the Angle or even the handle. I met some friends who bought the right frame size, but added 50mm washer, 15mm upper bowl cover, and 25mm lift handlebar. Therefore, in addition to size, the type of car is also important (the integrated car is more neutral, the pneumatic car is more aggressive, the endurance car is more comfortable).
What’s wrong with the height?
For riding comfort, the higher the pile, the better, because the upper body is upright enough to sit upright on the cushion, which bears almost all the weight of the upper body, so it’s super comfortable. But then you basically say goodbye to efficiency and aerodynamics. The upper body is too high, the windward area is larger, the upper body is upright, the hips and knees are not closed to the maximum extent, the buttocks and thigh muscles cannot contract effectively, so the muscle efficiency is greatly reduced.
  It’s kind of like being pulled too far away from your upper body, back pain, because your spine is too bent, your muscles are pulled up too much and you’re in the same position for too long. Neck acid, because the trapezius has a long period of excessive contraction, but its own muscle strength is not sufficient to support; Numb hands and sore shoulders are also common symptoms. In addition, perineal pain numbness discomfort, pelvis forward turnover over, perineal nerve and vascular compression.
  (3)Seat Tube Angle  

(Seat tube/riser Angle)

This data affects both the upper and lower body, determining how far the cushion moves forward and backward. At present, the seat tube Angle of models of the same size of different brands is not very different (don’t compare latte 3 cars with road cars), and the difference is about 0.5 degree. Of course, in the same model, the larger size Angle is smaller, and the smaller size Angle is larger.
Just remember, the higher the Angle, the more forward the cushion can be; The smaller the Angle, the farther back the seat cushion can be. The figure proportion of everyone, big crus proportion difference is very big, so some people cushion needs to rely on very much after, some people cushion wants to rely on relatively a lot of before.
Above, whether you are new to buy a BIKE, or old bird, want to change a new car, I hope you have a clear self-perception, and can judge yourself to buy a car is right for yourself.



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