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Ebike Cycling photography type 25 : Create your own style

Do your cycling photos feel different or very different? No matter cycling or other sports or daily life, photos are a wonderful thing to record life, and those past days are only remembered by photos and videos.
This time I will take pictures of individual poor cycling experience and style finishing a shooting small article, also don’t say too much complicated things, I will not, just taking photos, pictures have feeling slowly, waill know how to take, what kind of Angle, and choose what the environment, before the start of the article for the pictures of the cycling riding friends have three tips.

  1. A mobile phone under 5.5 inches;
  2. A well-fitting cycling suit and a group of models (riders);
  3. Photo retouching on mobile phone (recommended: Lightroom mobile version, Snapseed, VSCO, MIX).

You may have noticed a 5.5-inch phone, but why is it there? Because to ride if you want to pick up the phone in the photo, the size is too large mobile phone cannot be armed with one hand, let alone take photos, so you need a 5.5 inches below the mobile phone, personal use is 5.15 inches of millet 6, has been used to single hand operation of mobile phones, this article photos were taken by mobile phone, hope to be able to bring a little practical experience riding friends.

  1. Vertical backshot

The photo proportion is 3:4, or it can be taken in a horizontal way, directly from the back of the bike with the phone. The figure is in the bottom half of the photo, preferably in the middle. The back photo is the most common photo style in the bike.  

  1. Vertical front view

The ratio of 3:2 in the photo is the same as that in the back photo. You can take the photo first and then cut it later to find a better composition.

  1. Back view of jungle

The proportion of photos is 3:4. Choose some interesting routes and take photos surrounded by green plants. The proportion of figures does not need to be large, but mainly to highlight the whole environment.

  1. Downhill riding photos

The proportion of photos is 3:4, and the vantage point is selected for shooting. The figure proportion does not need to be large, but mainly highlights the curve of downhill curve.
    5 Bridge tunnel photo  
The photo has a ratio of 3:2. When the characters pass through the bridge hole, there will be dark shadows, and the brightness and darkness will have a certain sense of layering.

  1. Shadows climbing hills

The ratio of the photo is 3:2. The commanding point is selected to shoot the figure riding into the dense jungle, and the shadow of the area is increased later.

  1. Static bust photo

The photo proportion is 3:2. When waiting for traffic lights or stopping for a rest, only the lower part of the body should be photographed. The environment and road surface should be simple and clean.

  1. Dynamic bust photo

The photo has a ratio of 3:2. When shooting from the side during the ride, the figure and the bike can be in the middle or at the back. It is not recommended to compose the figure at the front.

  1. Static full-body photos

The photo has a ratio of 3:2, and a single environment is selected for shooting from the side. The figures are in the middle or a little behind, and the main part is to lean down, leaving the space above blank.

  1. Dynamic full-body photos

The photo has a ratio of 3:2 and can be shot from the side, with the figures in front, middle and back. The main part is to lean down to leave the space above blank.

  1. Reflection riding photos

The photo has a ratio of 3:2. The photo is taken from the side and the shadow of the rider is seen in the sunlight. The second half of the bike should be photographed.

  1. Cycling from top down

With a 3:2 ratio, choose the right vantage point and shoot from the top down as the person passes.

  1. Bicycle repair photo

The photo has a ratio of 3:2, which can be taken for foreground by other bikes. It can be taken when checking bikes or repairing tires. It doesn’t need to be too special.
    14.Bust selfie Photo scale: 3:2, environment: single color ground, bike and figure legs: half.

  1. Full-body selfies

  1. Photos of people and scenery

The proportion of photos is 3:2. Choose the environment with more artistic conception and take photos directly. Later choose the photos with better movements.
  17. Overlooking the bike photo Photo ratio: 3:2, the environment chooses leaves or a single color ground, the bike and the figure’s legs each half.
    18.Lock shoes special portrayal  
Photo scale 3:2. The environment is set to leaves or single color ground, middle or back of shoes, with white space below.
  19.Bicycle equipment photo  
Photo scale: 3:2. The environment is painted with graffiti or single-color walls. The car is in the middle or front, with white space above.
    20.Road Angle mirror  
Photo ratio: 3:2. There will be a wide-angle mirror in the road at the bend, through which you can take photos. The position of the mirror is on the right side, accounting for one half.
    21.Mirror man Photo ratio: 3:2. Use one mobile phone to open the camera to select composition, and then use another mobile phone to shoot the mobile phone.

  1. 4+2 driving license

Photo ratio 16:9, the driver’s eyes can be seen in the middle of the plane mirror in the car. The focus is on the plane mirror to take photos. At high speed, the environment will be blurred automatically.

  1. Landscape photos

Photo ratio 3:2, choose the vantage point and shoot from the top down, with the sky and mountains divided by half.
    24.straight road lighting  
The proportion of photos is 3:2. The shooting environment is a long road with the road in the middle. Pay attention to the proportion of both sides of the picture.
    25.curve road lighting  
Photo ratio 3:2, choose the vantage point and shoot from the top down, with the sky and mountains divided by half.  
This time, I have sorted out the 25 ways of taking photos by mobile phone. Without complicated parameters and technical terms, I just took more photos and gradually knew how to take photos. If you still feel no good photos, so need to take a shot, and then see them on some web celebrity style, get to know you feel under take pictures of the well, and the stand or fall of photo is with the individual aesthetic relationship, maybe you think not good-looking photo, but the others feel good, so in daily life can clap a photo of yourself feel satisfied.



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