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Maintenance details of 9 key parts of electric bicycle (part 1)

Electric bicycle after many times of intense control, can not avoid the loss of equipment and parts of the aging, everyone after riding, do you take good care of their electric bike? Proper maintenance will not only keep your e-bike clean and tidy, it will make you feel better the next time you set out. It can also extend the service life of the parts on the electric bike, avoid the embarrassing situation of broken halfway and frequent mechanical failure. Today, this article introduces to you how to properly maintain your ebike after riding the electric bicycle.


The frame

After riding ebike, the frame is most likely to be contaminated with dust parts. Therefore, as an ornamental electric bicycle frame, the frame has become the primary part of our vehicle maintenance. For the road electric bike with relatively good cycling environment, the riders only need to dip a cloth in water and carefully remove the dirt on the surface and cracks. But for those who like to play muddy bumpy road, the ebike will often become very dirty after the cross-country, the cleaning force is strong cloth can not clean it. At this time can be used to disperse water gentle nozzle softening cleaning soil, and then use a cloth for secondary cleaning.


No matter electric mountain bike or road ebike, do not advocate you use high-pressure water gun to clean directly, although this is more convenient and fast, but it is easy to wash the water into flower drum bearing five through and other precision parts, causing damage to it, causing unnecessary losses.


After cleaning, it is necessary to carry out a simple inspection of the damage to the frame. The lower pipe and the bottom of the five-way pipe are most likely to be hit by rocks, so the scar inspection of this part should be more careful, in case of depression or cracking of the frame, please replace the frame in time. For heavy vehicles, it is possible to attach rhinoceros skin stickers to the bottom of the lower pipes and five pipes to protect them from rock impacts.


Bowl set

The bowl set is the core of electric bicycle steering. Simply speaking, it is composed of two large bearing rings on the top and bottom, which is very delicate and fragile. Therefore, regular maintenance of the bowl set is also essential. Before the maintenance starts, it is necessary to check the working state of the bowl group. When the vertical cover is completely locked, the front brake should push the group forward. If the head tube frame amount or abnormal noise, then it is most likely that the bearing ball is missing or broken, need to replace the bowl.


If there is no abnormal ring, remove the front fork, remove the upper and lower bearing rings, wipe the old oil stains with a cloth, and reapply the grease and put it in. It is recommended that the amount of grease should not be too much or too little, and the bearing contact surface should be fully covered.


If the bearings are disassembled and it is difficult to rotate, it may be a result of the water intake of the shaft beads or the mixing of silt. You can ask professional technicians to pry open the bushing to clean the ball one by one. Of course, it is better to directly replace the new bowl group. In order to avoid the happening of this kind of condition, requires the electric bicycle drivers in the usual pay more attention to when using the seal of the bowl set, especially within walking wire frame with reserved before the service entrance, but not before using dial the drivers, in front of the ebike can use electrical tape will dial the service entrance seal, in order to avoid water damage group into the bowl.


Front fork

For a single electric road fork, electric bicycle users only need to carry out a simple wipe can, but for the separation of the upper and lower, the internal structure of complex mountain bike fork, it requires the user to be more careful maintenance. The inner tube is the most important part of the front fork, because its coating is easily scratched, thus affecting the work of the front fork. Therefore, before cleaning the fork, the inner tube and dust stains should be cleaned first, and then the outer tube and the whole fork body should be cleaned.


Many e-bike riders like to apply a wide variety of lube oil to the inner tube, or even to the chain oil, thinking it will make the front fork work better. It is not recommended in this way. The cleanliness of the inner tube is the key to the normal operation of the front fork. The sticky lubricating oil is easy to absorb ash, which will not only hinder the normal operation of the front fork, but also corrode the coating of the inner tube.


The Speedlink official recommends that after every 50 hours of riding, replace the suspension oil, and the riders can go through the online tutorial or hand it to the garage technician for specific disassembly and maintenance. If the dust seal is aged and cracked, it will affect the sealing of the inside of the fork, so it is necessary to replace the cracked dust seal in time.


Brake/speed line tube

When you have trouble braking or shifting gears, it’s likely that the pipe is mixed with mud or twisted. The speed change brake is very important to our riding experience. When beginning to maintain, answer to scrub the besmirch outside line tube with dishcloth above all clean, in order to extend tube material life. After removing the wire tube, scrub and clean the brake/gear wire, apply some butter to the wire, or drop a few drops of “wowoshi”, insert the wire tube and install it in place again, at this time, the feel of the brake gear will be generally improved.


If after the maintenance, the brake/transmission feel is still very astringent, then you should pay attention to the line is reasonable, unreasonable, twisted wire tube will also affect the feel of the brake transmission, need to rearrange the wiring. In the maintenance process, there is attention to whether the wire tube aging cracking, once this situation, need to replace the wire tube in time, in order to maintain the good feel and performance of the brake speed change.

For the rest, please kindly wait two days.



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