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Maintenance details of 9 key parts of electric bike (part 2)

Follow the previous article, then talk about the maintenance of key parts of electric bicycles.


Five-way part /middle axis

In the long-term riding electric bike, the interior of the five-way frame of the electric bicycle frame is easy to accumulate dust and dirt, so the central shaft is removed regularly, and the cleaning of the five-way is also a part of the maintenance of the whole vehicle. In the current frame design, a drain port is generally reserved under the five-way. Therefore, in the daily inspection, it is necessary to check whether the drain port on electric bicycle is unobstructed and prevent the frame from accumulating water.


The center shaft of the electric bike is the core part of the crank pedal, consisting of two large bearings on the left and the right. In general, the probability of a problem with the center axis is extremely low, including the common abnormal situation of the central axis, which is often caused by the problem of the bearing itself, but by the fact that the thread (pressing surface) is muddy or not installed. Therefore, for the central axis of the electric bicycle, excessive care is not necessary. When cleaning the electric bike five-way frame, wipe the thread with a rag, and replace it with a new one.



After riding electric bike, the brakes of the electric bicycle can easily accumulate dust. If it is not cleaned in time, it not only affects the braking force of the brake, but also makes the brake generate a lot of noise and vibration, reducing the service life of the wheel frame. The maintenance process is very simple, just wipe the residual brake rubber on the brake side with a rag. Be careful not to use a greased rag to avoid affecting the braking force. Then use a sponge to clean the brake pad with a cleaning agent. At this time, pay attention to the amount of brake pad. Once the brake pad is used excessively (generally there will be a mark), it should be replaced in time. Finally, the clamp can be scrubbed.


For disc brake systems of the electric bike, the fully sealed design greatly reduces maintenance costs. Therefore, it is only necessary to simply wipe the handle and the clamp during maintenance. For discs , try not to touch it, and do not use any liquid other than water to clean, especially to make the contact surface of the sheet to avoid oil stains.


In addition, in the summer, a brand of brakes using DOT oil is prone to oil expansion, which should also be noted during the brake maintenance process. Once the oil swell is severe, there may be a dangerous situation in which the brakes are locked. Therefore, when oil swell occurs, it can be solved by discharging oil or grinding the piston.


Transmission system

Unmaintained shifting systems can become very noisy. Not only will the flywheel chain of the electric bike be extremely worn, but the riding electric bicycle experience is also very poor. Regular maintenance of the shifting system can effectively extend the life of the shifting components, improve pedaling efficiency, and achieve a smooth pedaling experience.


Before starting maintenance, pay attention to whether the chain flywheel of the electric bike is rusted. If so, please use WD-40 for rust removal, but be careful when spraying to avoid contaminating the disc of the electric bicycle. After that, wipe the whole transmission system with a dry cloth, then carefully remove the cracked sludge with a brush or water or a special cleaning agent, and repeat it several times. Finally, wipe the water with a rag and apply the chain oil. For those who are looking for excellence and have certain economic strength, an ultrasonic cleaner can be purchased for the cleaning of the flywheel chain. This kind of equipment can clean some tiny dirt and dust, and the effect is better.


If the adjustment of the shifting speed is still not accurate enough, it may be caused by the bending of the tail hook of the electric bike frame. Observe whether the rear dial is parallel with the flywheel. If it is tilted outwards or inward, it may cause shifting misalignment. Replace the new tail hook to solve this problem.



After riding electric bike, some small small stones are easy to get stuck in the gaps of the tires. If not cleaned in time, it is easy to leave a safety hazard.


When cleaning the tires of the electric bike, use a brush with water or a cleaning agent to scrub, and finally rinse off. In the process of cleaning, you can also check the tire pressure by the way. Too low or too high tire pressure will have an adverse effect on your riding experience. For the wheel set of the electric bicycle, a simple scrubbing can be done. If the drum is in the water and the condition is not good, it is necessary to disassemble and polish the inside of the hub, which can be handed over to a professional professional technician.



Motor maintenance: motor shaft cant be soaked in water for a long time!

Pay attention to protect the electrical outlet, to avoid electrical line epidermal frayed that cause a short circuit and the burned motor. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid motor immersed in water for a long time, which causes the motor inlet.

I hope this article will help you.

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