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Offer yourself a travel revolution:Electric bicycles become a new fashion!

Offer yourself a travel revolutionElectric bicycles become a new fashion!

Compared to a regular bike, The most outstanding advantages of our electric bike: Hardly not feet required,Arrive quicker &sweat-free,even not needing a shower after finish a 35 miles.、

Is there still confusion?Just imagine a few scenarios to fully appreciate the advantages of e-bikes:
For example, when you need to get to a destination for shopping, and there is no need to burn fuel for the journey. But in hot or cold weather, you don’t want to exhaust yourself by riding a bike, then an apply to all-weather and lasting electric bike is what you need most.
For example, when you participate in cycling activities, you don’t want to lag behind your friends, or you feel exhausted. Using e-bike makes you enjoy a more relaxed, free and healthy way of play, which can add more wonderful experiences to your journey.
For example, when you ride at night and need to lighten the road ahead, our 3V headlights can help you solve this concern.

Don’t worry about if the styling is outdated, our electric bike have confident and handsome lines. It can even adjust your posture after you get on,and make you look better.

electric bicycle for women


✔Meet the needs of different age groups:
1.For active 15-25 year olds, HOTEBIKE is all about what you need to achieve in order to stay in style
2.For the elegant white-collar workers aged from 26 to 55, it can meet your requirements of energy saving, light weight and sports.
3.For those aged 55 to 70 years old, we can provide you with leisure and sports for the enjoyment of life.

✔Environmental compliance:
Environmental protection has been more and more attention by people, macro policy on motorcycles, fuel moped and other polluting means of transport has introduced more and more restrictions, and in line with the environmental requirements of electric bicycles will enter the mainstream.

✔Conform to consume demand
With the improvement of people’s living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of life, and their ability to accept fashion, health and environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger.

✔Habitable requirement
The living requirement of modern already had greatly different with before, the job is in downtown, the life is in city suburb, the distance that the job and life increased; The emergence of electric bikes fits this lifestyle perfectly.



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