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Precautions for riding an electric hybrid bicycle in summer

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In the hot summer, do you still insist on riding an electric hybrid bicycle? In the four seasons of the year, winter and summer are the two biggest obstacles to our riding. Their harsh environment puts higher demands on the physical fitness and adaptability of the riders. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the taboos and precautions for riding in winter and summer. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to five things you must pay attention to when riding an electric hybrid bicycle or an adult electric bicycle in summer.

Riding an electric hybrid bicycle or adult electric bicycle should pay attention to hydration

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Many people riding electric hybrid bicycles or adult electric bicycles lose a lot of water due to sweating during the high temperature cycle in summer. At this time, we need enough water to maintain the body’s water balance. The higher the ambient temperature, the greater the water demand. In a hot environment, the human body may need twice as much water as under normal conditions. Therefore, when going out in summer, the rider must fill the kettle with water and choose one or two kettles according to personal water needs. Don’t give up bringing water because you are worried about trouble. This will not only destroy the body’s water balance and affect the riding state. It may even cause dizziness, fatigue and dehydration symptoms.

When riding an electric hybrid bicycle or an adult electric bicycle to take a break and drink water, it is not recommended that everyone drink too fast or too much, because this way of overeating may cause great irritation to the stomach , Increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and cause fluid accumulation in the body. Body. Sodium, potassium, etc. Reduced electrolyte intake. Lack of energy and decreased athleticism can be counterproductive.

Therefore, during riding an electric hybrid bicycle, it is recommended to add a small amount of water every 20 minutes, usually no more than 100ml, and the water temperature in the kettle should not be too low. The best temperature is between ~10 degrees to prevent gastrointestinal cramps caused by low temperature.

Do not ride electric hybrid bicycles or adult electric bicycles at high temperatures, beware of heat stroke symptoms

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In summer, it is usually recommended to ride an electric hybrid bicycle in the morning or evening. It is not recommended for everyone to ride an electric hybrid bicycle under the scorching sun, especially direct sunlight and rising atmospheric temperature, which can easily accumulate heat on the head. Excessive heat can cause meningeal hyperemia and cerebral cortex ischemia, which can lead to heat stroke.

Therefore, heatstroke is something that people who ride electric hybrid bicycles or adult electric bicycles must avoid, especially when they are alone and helpless. So, how to prevent heat stroke? First, choose a well-ventilated helmet. A good helmet can help the head effectively dissipate heat and prevent the head from overheating and causing discomfort. Secondly, take sun protection measures, apply sunscreen or put on sleeves, choose white or light color, good air permeability and soft texture. Third, pay attention to intermittent rest when cycling. When you feel tired and unwell, please stop in time, find a cool and quiet place to rest and rehydrate. All of the above can prevent the body from overheating and heatstroke.

You can also keep some heatstroke prevention medicine during long and short trips on electric hybrid bicycles in summer. Unfortunately, heat stroke occurred. These drugs can effectively relieve symptoms. However, if the patient’s symptoms do not improve after taking the medicine or the heat stroke is too severe, seek medical attention immediately.

Never take a lot of cold drinks and take cold baths after riding an electric hybrid bicycle or adult electric bicycle

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After an intense electric hybrid bike ride, the coolest thing is to drink a bottle of iced beverage to dissipate heat, but everyone does not know that drinking iced beverages in this way can cause great harm to your body.

After riding an electric hybrid bicycle, blood will be redistributed to the whole body, a large amount of blood flows to the muscles and body surface to meet the needs of exercise, while the blood in the digestive organs is relatively small. If you “ingest” iced beverages at this time, in a transient anemia state, this ice stream will strongly stimulate the stomach and impair its physiological functions. In mild cases, loss of appetite; in severe cases, it can cause acute gastritis and further cause chronic gastritis and gastric disease. Diseases such as ulcers. I am not saying that everyone should not drink cold drinks. After all, drinking a bottle of iced beverage under the scorching sun can help you effectively reduce calories, but it can make everyone drink it in a timely and appropriate amount. It is best to drink water after the body rests, so as not to cause too much damage to the stomach.

Secondly, after riding an electric hybrid bicycle, the body’s metabolism is very active, the heat generated in the body increases, the pores are opened, the capillaries are greatly expanded, and the blood circulation is accelerated. If you rush to rinse with cold water at this time, a cold will irritate your skin, the capillaries will suddenly shrink, and the pores will suddenly close. The body has no time to adapt, which can easily cause many diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that you sit quietly for a while after your body is calm, listen to music, watch TV, and then take a bath with warm water.

Clean electric hybrid bicycle riding equipment in time

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In the hot and humid summer environment, sweat-soaked electric hybrid bicycle riding equipment is more likely to breed germs. Therefore, after returning from riding, be sure to clean your personal equipment in time.

Electric hybrid bicycle cycling clothes are the “severe disaster area” that is eroded by sweat. Many friends return from riding, often take off the cycling clothes, take a bath and sleep, but they don’t know that if the cycling clothes are not cleaned in time, it will cause sweat residue. The growth of bacteria will corrode the fabric and aggravate the aging of the fabric in severe cases. Therefore, cleaning the cycling clothes in time after returning has become a good habit we must develop.

The cleaning method is recommended to use warm water and hand wash, and use a mild detergent, of course, you can also choose a special sports clothing detergent on the market. First, soak the cycling clothes in warm water for about 5-10 minutes for the electric hybrid bicycle. The time should not be too long or too short. Then scrub carefully with your hands. Do not use a brush. Pour in detergent, scrub again and wring dry. , Air dry naturally. In the hot summer, I suggest that you keep two or three sets of electric hybrid bicycle riding clothes in order to change and wash them in time to prevent the growth of bacteria.

In addition to electric hybrid bicycle riding clothes, helmet pads and water bottles also need frequent cleaning. Many current helmet designs are equipped with deodorant and sweat-absorbing pads, but this does not mean that you do not need to clean them. Remove the liner in time for cleaning, not only can deodorize and remove sweat, but also extend the life of the liner and maintain its excellent elasticity and performance. After riding, the kettle should also be rinsed in time to prevent the inside beverage or water from deteriorating and causing peculiar smell.

Pay attention to the maintenance of electric hybrid bicycles in the rainy season

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The high temperature in summer is often accompanied by heavy rain. Riding an electric hybrid bicycle or electric bicycle in the rain will block your vision and cause your body temperature to drop sharply after a heavy rain, which can easily cause colds, fever, headaches and other diseases. Therefore, you must pay attention to weather conditions when traveling and try to avoid rainy days. Travel Activity.

If you have to ride in the rain, please wear an electric hybrid bicycle or adult electric bicycle raincoat. The color of the raincoat should be fluorescent as much as possible, so that the motor vehicle driver can see you clearly in the rain and avoid danger. If the rain is too heavy, it is best not to rush in the rain, stop at the shelter and wait for the rain to decrease before setting off. After arriving at your destination, you should change your wet clothes in time and take a hot bath to restore your body temperature to prevent your body from catching a cold.

After riding on a rainy day, you should also pay attention to timely cleaning and maintenance of electric hybrid bicycles or adult electric bicycles. If they are not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause corrosion of the paint and rust of the chain. The above are the five things you need to pay attention to during summer cycling. I hope it will be helpful to every rider and enjoy a pleasant summer cycling trip!

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