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Common mistakes of electric bicycle turning

For electric bike riders, the most troublesome are the following three things: climbing, downhill and turning, and when turning and downhill are combined, the rider’s skills will be tested more.

So how much speed can the electric bicycle control to make a perfect corner? The improvement of cornering ability is not very difficult. In many cases, only some skills and proper practice are needed to get a great improvement. When you have more control over the corners, you don’t need to slow down significantly every time you take a corner.

Now, let’s take a look at the mistakes that electric bicycles often make when cornering.

1.Riding an electric bicycle, don’t know where to put your body’s center of gravity

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When the speed of the electric bicycle is too high, when turning, you need to lower the center of gravity, bring one side of your body close to the ground, and keep your eyes at the end of the curve.

The faster you go through a corner, the more you need to be close to the ground. Excessive grounding may cause wheels to slip and lose grip. Therefore, you need to properly control the speed of the electric bicycle when cornering. Especially in rainy days, in addition to more careful control of the cornering speed, it is also necessary to appropriately raise the center of gravity. The best angle to the ground can make you go as fast as possible without losing your grip. This requires constant practice to become familiar.

2.Riding an electric bike don’t know which cornering route to choose

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When cornering, the best route is to enter from the outermost side of the curve, pass the innermost side of the curve, and then exit from the outermost side of the curve. This route produces the largest arc and the smoothest transition, so it can maintain the speed of the electric bicycle.

But you will find that not every time you can choose the best route to turn. You may find a lot of gravel on the inside of the curve, or other obstacles that affect the grip of electric bicycle tires. At this time you need to adjust the route appropriately.

3.Too nervous to ride an electric bike

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Excessive tension when riding an electric bike can make you hold the handlebar firmly and stare at the ground. These errors are very fatal.

Therefore, you need to build some confidence when riding an electric bicycle. You need to know when to apply the brakes, how much, and how to maintain your body posture. Trust your intuition. And these self-confidence building requires constant practice, you can gradually get familiar with it by cornering at different speeds in the same place.

4.Your electric bike is not adjusted to the best condition

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The main point of adjusting an electric bicycle is to put your center of gravity on the right position. A lower, more stretched posture can make your body weight more distributed on the handlebars, which means better when cornering. Maneuverability, and can be closer to the ground.

At the same time, the width of the electric bicycle handlebar is also very important. Too wide handlebars will affect your balance and easily cause shoulder pain.

5.Electric bicycle tire pressure is too high

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Tire pressure is one of the most critical factors affecting the performance of electric bicycles, but it is also a factor that is often overlooked. Reasonable tire pressure is determined by the width of the vehicle, the weight of the driver and the road conditions. Lower tire pressure can expand the contact surface between the tire and the ground, thereby improving the tire’s gripping ability and making cornering more smoothly. But too low tire pressure will increase rolling resistance and the risk of tire blowouts. In fact, reasonable tire pressures can only be obtained through continuous adjustments in practice.

The above key points are the key points that need to be paid attention to when the electric bicycle is cornering. I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

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