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Tips for riding an electric bicycle against the wind

Tips for riding an electric bicycle against the wind

When we ride bicycles, we often encounter headwinds, which greatly hinder riding. Electric bicycles are less affected when riding upwind than ordinary bicycles, but we can also help reduce the impact of wind on vehicle speed. So, how can we save effort when riding a bicycle against the wind and let us ride a bicycle a little easier?

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1. Ride uphill / headwind

First ride the bicycle according to your original strength, and take a few more breaks when you are tired. You can rest for a few minutes each time.
The slope is relatively small and uphill is usually not a problem. When it is difficult to climb a steep slope, you can walk in a zigzag route, which can reduce the slope.

Sometimes what to do if you can’t ride on a steep slope, or even the bike will retreat?

Don’t be afraid at this time, the speed cyclists can adjust the speed down slowly, and the average cyclists don’t have to worry.

Pull up the handlebars with both hands, so that the legs can be pushed down more forcefully. At the same time, the center of gravity of the body moves forward, and the soles of the feet move forward from the pedal. , Directly pedal hard through the foot of the foot.

In this way, you can use the weight and thigh to exert force, and the force is directly transmitted to the bicycle pedal through the lower leg and the root of the foot (using the toes and soles will disperse the force and also make the soles fatigue), thereby enhancing the pedaling strength and the bicycle will slowly go up. Slope, will not recede anymore.

Of course, in this case, cycling is the most tiring, and everyone has to do their best. Pay attention to safety when going uphill on the zigzag, and the slope is often the steepest at the transition. Pay attention to the traffic.

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When riding on steep slopes, you should get off the bus to rest for a while and then get on. The elderly and weak people should get off the bus and implement it.
Climbing is very tiring and requires physical strength and perseverance, but it can make bicycle travel more interesting and memorable. Once you climb the top of the slope, you can have a unique enjoyment.

2. Downhill / headwind riding

It is the most headache when riding a bicycle when you encounter headwinds. Although it is difficult to go uphill, the next step is downhill, which can be easy for a while, and headwinds are sometimes not easy to ride when going downhill. At this time, you can lower the handlebar, or Bending your arms is also reliable under the handlebar and lowering your head to lower the center of gravity of the body to reduce wind resistance.

When lowering your head, the field of view is reduced, and you should always pay attention to safety, especially when you encounter a headwind or a headwind, and you should pay attention to the traffic, because at this time, whether you are coming in front or behind, especially large trucks, will make the bicycle left and right movement, prone to accidents.

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Downhill and downwind are the most comfortable enjoyment in bicycle travel.

However, pay special attention to safety when encountering steep slopes, road bends, uneven ground, or the possibility of suddenly escaping vehicles and pedestrians. At this time, the brake should be gripped from the top of the slope, so as not to be caught by surprise, at least the side should be braked. When encountering steep slopes, even if the road is wide and flat at a glance, be careful. Always check the brake pads. If the brakes are bad, adjust or replace the brake pads in time to prevent wrestling.



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