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Related to bicycle brakes (Part 1: Types of brakes)

Related to bicycle brakes (Part 1: Types of brakes)

There are many types of electric bicycle brakes, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Braking is a very important accessory in a bicycle. It is the braking system of the bike. The braking performance is good or bad, which affects our riding safety factor.

Hotebike brakes

Basic knowledge of brakes: The brakes control the speed, not just the parking; the front brakes have a better braking effect.

The types of bicycle brakes are: holding brake, reverse brake, caliper brake, V brake, disc brake, etc. At present, V brakes and disc brakes are the most used. Disc brakes are divided into line discs and oil discs. It is important to choose a good type of brake according to your needs.

The following mainly introduces commonly used V brakes and disc brakes.

1.V-shaped brake

Caliper brake and V brake. They drive the brake through the brake cable, making the brake pads and steel ring friction brake. They have advantages: light weight, simple structure, easy maintenance, and better braking effect than holding brake. V-shaped brakes have disadvantages: the brake effect of the steel ring stained with oil or mud in the rain will decrease, and it is not appropriate to pinch the brake for a long time. Can be used for recreational vehicles and road vehicles.

brakes of hotebike

2. Disc brake

Hotebike’s electric bicycles generally use disc brakes.

There are two types of disc brakes, one is a mechanical disc brake and the other is a hydraulic disc brake. They are braked by the action of the clamp and the disc fixed on the hub. The structure of the disc brake is complex, and maintenance needs to be repaired by professionals. It has good stability and performance. It is usually necessary to pay attention to protecting the disc.

The mechanical disc brake is to pull the brake cable to drive the caliper to make the disc (brake disc) clamp the disc to achieve the braking effect. Although mechanical disc brakes are heavier than V brakes, they have no requirements on the environment and have better overall performance.

Hydraulic disc brakes use oil as the medium to apply pressure to the brake lever. The pressure passes through the oil pipe through the caliper, thereby pushing the piston in the caliper and driving the disc (brake) to clamp the disc. The hydraulic disc brakes have high sensitivity and strong braking ability.

Hotebike brake

Practice of using brake:

1. Generally, the brake lever of a mountain bike is a two-finger brake lever. Put your index finger and middle finger on it when riding. If there is an emergency, you can brake immediately. There are also many riders who leave their index fingers for shifting and only use their middle fingers to control the brakes, so that shifting and braking can be done at the same time.

2. The first thing we learn is the control of the braking force. Slowly become familiar with how much braking force can be applied to control the braking effect and prevent locking. Once you are familiar with the relationship between braking force and braking effect, you can Use the front brake with confidence.

3. You can master the front brake technology by practicing fast parking, pay attention to the change of the body’s center of gravity and control it when braking.

Hotebike bicycle

You should pay attention to safety when riding.



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