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What size bike is best for you?

Today I will show you how to choose a suitable electric bike size.

Many people will say: electric bicycles are all about the same size, and I will buy as much as others buy. It doesn’t matter if they are bigger or smaller. In fact, it is very important to choose a suitable electric bicycle size. why? An inappropriate size will have a major impact on your riding posture. No matter how you ride it, it’s uncomfortable. Whether it’s the strength of the legs, the direction of the hands, or the balance of the body when cornering, it will have a great impact. If things go on like this, it will cause sports injuries. Therefore, a suitable size of electric bicycle is very important for the majority of riders.

Mountain bike size

Mountain bikes are now more popular with three wheel diameters: 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch. These are three major types of models that are distinguished by the size of the wheels. Why distinguish the size of the wheel? Personally think it is mainly used to distinguish. The 26-inch and 27.5-inch markets are the most common and are most suitable for ordinary riders to use on weekdays. The 29-inch is mainly designed for the competitive arena.

26-inch wheel models:

Advantages: relatively lightest, fastest start, suitable for long-term climbing.

Disadvantages: the same off-road road, more turbulence has a greater impact on the traveling speed, and the speed on flat roads and off-road is relatively slow.

27.5 inch wheels models:

Advantages: The same off-road road, the degree of turbulence is better than that of the 26-inch model, and it has a little impact on the traveling speed. The speed of flat road and off-road is slightly faster than that of the 26-inch model. , Suitable for flat roads and off-road.

Disadvantages: medium weight, medium starting speed.

29-inch wheels models:

Advantages: suitable for cross-country competitions, the degree of turbulence is the lightest, the impact on the traveling speed is the least, the cross-country performance is the strongest among the three models.

Disadvantages: relatively heaviest, slowest to start, not suitable for long-term climbing.

To sum up the above analysis, make a small summary: For ordinary riders, the 26-inch model is more suitable for people who often ride long distances, and people who like to cross mountains, for example: long-distance riding on the Sichuan-Tibet line. The 27.5-inch model is more suitable for people who usually have more flat roads and like small off-road routes, such as country forest trails. The 29-inch model performed best overall.

Note: The above summary is just a personal point of view, giving everyone a general direction, and the specific choice depends on personal preference.

According to the three models, the height is relatively suitable for the frame size:

26-inch wheel models:


Height 155-170 cm: 15.5 or 16 inches

170-180cm height: 17 or 18 inches

180-190cm height: 19 or 19.5 inches

Height above 190cm: 21 or 21.5 inches

27.5 inch wheels

160-170cm height: 15.5 or 16 inches

170-180cm height: 17 or 18 inches

180-190cm height: 19 inches

Height above 190cm: 21 inches

29 inch wheels


165-175cm height: 15.5 inches

175-185cm height: 17 inches

185-195cm height: 19 inches

Height above 195cm: 21 inches

Note: The above is just a reference value based on the body proportion of ordinary people, not absolute values. There are some talented friends, people with long arms or legs, which are not in this range.

Today, I mainly introduced the most common models of cycling. I hope this article can help you all when choosing the size of mountain bikes.

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