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Benefits of riding

Whether you are going for a weekend outing around the city, a ten-and-a-half-day long-distance ride, or a bicycle, it is a way to take you to enjoy more scenery. Cycling is the most suitable and your range of activities will be Greatly expanded. After all, as long as someone can walk, there is no reason that a bicycle cannot pass, right!

Help you improve sleep

Although it’s a bit tired after riding, proper cycling can help you sleep better and more soundly! Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine asked sedentary patients with insomnia to ride for 20-30 minutes every other day. What will happen? The time it takes for insomniacs to fall asleep has been reduced by half, and sleep time has increased by nearly an hour.

Look younger

Exercise often and become younger, because exercise will accelerate blood circulation, help the skin resist ultraviolet rays, and create a good biological environment for cell development in the body. Therefore, you look healthier and younger than your peers!

Quintana wanted to cry, after all, they are also born in the 90s

Increase brain power

People start to go downhill after the age of 30. Cycling can bring more oxygen into the brain through more blood flow. Researchers at the University of Illinois even believe that cycling can fight Alzheimer’s to a certain extent. So I hope everyone can ride a bicycle safely in decades~

Live longer

King’s College London compared more than 2,400 pairs of identical twins and found that those who only rode three rounds of 45 minutes a week, even after other factors such as body mass index (BMI) and smoking, their biological age was still better

Dr. Lynn Cherkas, who is in charge of the research, said: “People who exercise regularly have a greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, high blood pressure and obesity.” It becomes more effective in protecting yourself and regenerating new cells. ”

Beat the disease

Research from the laboratory shows that regular cycling can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. According to the British Heart Foundation, people can avoid about 10,000 fatal heart attacks every year if they maintain their health.

There is a lot of evidence that any exercise can help fight cancer, but some studies have shown that cycling is particularly beneficial for keeping cells working properly. Other studies have found that women who regularly ride bicycles have a 34% lower risk of breast cancer.

The boss will “love” you

It’s not because you wear the hips of cycling pants~ but appreciate the things you get from riding that are good for work.

A study conducted by the University of Bristol on 200 people found that employees who exercise cycling can improve their time and workload management, and increase their stress resistance.

Cycling can lose weight

A large number of obese people think that jogging is the best way to start losing weight. Although running does burn a lot of fat, do you know how much weight your knee will bear every time your foot touches the ground for some people who are obese or who don’t have a running foundation?

On the contrary, if you start with a bicycle, most of your weight is borne by the seat cushion, so there will not be much impact! Just pick a good shelf.

know more friends

Needless to say, cycling is a large-scale dating site. Who doesn’t have many riders who often ride together? Not to mention those deep friendships built up by cycling together for a month on the travel line!

Healthy travel

It is inevitable to suck car exhaust while walking on the road, but compared with people who drive or ride in a car, there is much less cycling. Researchers found that, on average, taxi passengers are exposed to more than 100,000 inhalable particles per cubic centimeter. There are less than 100,000 bus passengers and approximately 40,000 car passengers.

Riders are only exposed to 8,000 inhalable particles per cubic centimeter. You might think that the cyclist breathes less frequently, but in fact it is because he rides on the side of the road and is not like a driver on a motorway with concentrated exhaust gas.

Make you happy

If you are not satisfied, please go out for two laps. Even if you are tired, the dopamine secreted by your body will make you forget all your worries. And it feels really cool!

Riding a bicycle is really good, not only will not harm the body, but also “cure diseases” and prolong life!

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