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Why are electric bike so popular?

Low price. The product needs to be accepted by the public. The necessary condition is that its price is low enough. It’s not that ordinary people don’t like driving, but they can’t afford it. An expensive car will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and annual insurance costs will cost thousands. The price of an electric bicycle is four to five thousand dollars, while a cheap bicycle is only one to two thousand dollars. In the case of meeting basic travel needs, the price advantage of electric bicycles is too obvious.

Environmental protection and pollution issues. Friends who encounter traffic jams in the morning rush hour have the same feeling. They dared not open the window while sitting in the car. The exhaust of the car made them afraid to breathe. One can imagine the environmental pressures facing cities. However, electric bicycles can solve most of the travel needs and greatly reduce car exhaust emissions.

Lightweight, what would you think if a girl rides a motorcycle? Is this a powerful, admirable reason? Because most motorcycles are heavy, most girls can’t drive them. In the event of an accident, they can only ask for help. Even if she can drive, I believe she doesn’t want to be strong, so usually few women ride motorcycles. But electric bicycles are different. If there is no electricity in the middle, you can continue to use the pedal to ride, and the thrust without the pedal is not very laborious.

Fashion, compared to motorcycles and cars, the low-carbon environmental behavior of electric bicycles is more fashionable.

Electric bicycles are really important in cities, especially large cities. Because it is easy to buy a car and there are few parking spaces, as long as you buy a car, every trip will be accompanied by parking problems. If people drive less and use electric bicycles more, it will solve the problems of urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties.

Low risk. The traffic accidents of electric bicycles are far less than those of driving cars. Car collisions can cause fights or road blockages. However, if you ride an electric bike, you will not be bothered by road obstruction. You can ride freely.

Conclusion: A product that everyone can use and everyone loves. Are you really not interested?



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