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A Fast And FUN Way To release a removable hidden battery on electric bike

A Fast And FUN Way To release a removable hidden battery on electric bike

Nowadays, with the advocacy of low-carbon life, the development of intelligent transportation industry is surging. The market for electric bikes is also growing fast. More and more traditional bicycle manufacturers have followed in the footsteps of e-bikes and entered the e-bike arena.



But batteries play a crucial role in the transition from bicycles to electric bikes. However, the ordinary battery pack is always very bulky, which will always affect the appearance of the e-bike, or even destroy the balance of the whole car. One of the big challenges for many companies is how to integrate these bulky battery packs into the bike frame without compromising the aesthetics and balance of the vehicle.



For that matter,The company professional produce electric bike,electric mountain bike,folding electric bike,ebike kits and ebike batteries,Zhuhai Shuangye Electronic Co., Ltd.Early on, we were ahead of others in the design of a hidden battery electric bicycle. The most representative model is the 26-inch A6AH26


As an essential part of the e-bike, the battery and controller can be installed in a variety of ways. And the best installation plan is to take into account the installation, easy to use and do not take up space. There are some products that hide batteries and controllers in the inner space of the saddle of an electric bicycle. However, this installation scheme usually makes the saddle structure too complicated, and it is not convenient to install batteries and controllers and access batteries in the saddle.

This is a specially designed for bicycles, mounted on the bike frame battery pack. The appearance is made of black high purity anodized aluminum. With a capacity of 350Wh, a size of 13.7 inches and a weight of no more than 3kg, it is one of the lightest battery packs on the market.Easy to install and remove. The battery uses high-tech lithium technology, with waterproof design, long cycle life, small size and light weight. Easy to transport and safe to use.

It has the following characteristics: the battery box body and frame relative to one side of the stand pipe is equipped with wire, the wire rack on both sides before and after the mentioned frame riser direction stretch flanging, described flanging, wire frame and frame riser walk line channel is formed between, as described in the side of the battery box body upper opening have described with linear channels connected to a battery pack line.



Because of its compact size and minimalist design, the battery fits inside the bike’s tube without sticking out. This is a big breakthrough for many bicycle manufacturers. This helps them design more aesthetically pleasing bike shapes and better balance centers.



A typical lithium-ion battery takes about 7.5 hours to charge, while a Hotebike A6AH26 can be fully charged in 4 hours with a standard cable in Hotebike. The range is 35 to 50 kilometers when fully charged.


Of course, Hotebike’s removable battery also works with all types of frames, from city bikes to sports cars to even cross-country bikes.

Black and white two colors, especially suitable for urban life of young people riding.

One Year Warranty. 10 years experience of producing ebikes and batteries, with high praise among customers from all over the world, providing you high quality products and better service. All of the batteries will be tested by our experienced technical staff before shipping.





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