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What is an Electric Scooter

With the development of The Times, the pace of people’s life is faster and faster, and the traffic congestion in the city is more and more serious. It is very important to choose an appropriate way to travel, and a simple and portable means of transport is the best choice. But riding a bike is too tired, electric scooter and balance car is one of the more popular transport products, loved by young men and women. Today to help you explain and compare, what is the electric bicycle? Which is better, a balanced scooter or an electric scooter?

What is an electric scooter?

Electric skateboard is a four-wheel vehicle based on traditional skateboard and electric power kit. At present, electric skateboards are generally divided into two driving modes, namely two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive. The most common driving modes are HUB motor and belt drive, whose main power source is lithium battery pack.

Generally, the mainstream control mode of electric skateboard is wireless remote control to control the acceleration and braking of electric skateboard. The wireless connection mode with skateboard host is mainly 2.4ghz wireless connection and bluetooth connection.

The way to control the turn is the same as the traditional way to control the skateboard, with the human force and balance transfer to make the wheel frame offset and tilt to make the turn.

The history of electric scooters

The gasoline-powered MotoBoard went on sale in the summer of 1975, but was banned in California in 1997 due to noise and pollution problems.

The modern electric skateboard is thought to have been developed by Louie Finkle of seal beach, California, whose first electric skateboard without power cable was launched in 1997 and patented in 1999. However, it was not until 2004-2006 that motor and battery technology had enough torque to effectively drive the skis.


What’s the difference between an electric scooter and a balance car?


1.Bearing capacity

In fact, there is not much difference between the carrying capacity of the balance vehicle and the electric scooter, but because the pedals of the electric scooter are wider, they can carry two people when needed, so the electric scooter has advantages in carrying capacity.



2.Battery life

The balance vehicle only has one drive wheel, and the difference between the maximum speed and the driving mode usually leads to better battery life than the electric scooter with the same battery capacity. The longer the battery life, the more weight the electric scooter or the balance vehicle will add. In terms of the battery life, the two are relatively consistent.




3.Driving difficulty level

Electric scooters are driven in a similar way to electric bicycles, and in terms of ride stability than electric bicycles, the operation is relatively easy to get started. The car itself has no controls, relying only on the computer’s self-balancing function and the car’s sense of the driver’s intention to brake. Although the driving mode of self-balancing vehicle is relatively new and easy to learn, it still needs a period of practice before it can be controlled accurately. By contrast, electric scooters are easier to drive.

4.Safety comparison

Balanced car with electric scooter is a new type of transport, for the control of the car, from the balance of the car through the center of gravity is needed to control, leaning back to speed up slow ride to stop, just began to use the user still need some time to adapt, but in places where the road potholes, is a bit difficult to control, and electric skateboards car brake is by manual operation, and has a relatively brake control, relatively this link electric scooter slightly better.



5.Carrying degree

The balance car is relatively small in size compared with the electric scooter. If the car is not electrified, it can be lifted up and carried because of its small size. If you carry a backpack of moderate size, it can be put into a bag and carried on your body to free your hands. Although the electric scooter can be designed to fold, the folded volume still takes up some space. And in the case of no electricity to use electric scooter to promote a relatively more labor-saving, so in this respect, the balance car is easier to carry.


Through the comparison in many aspects, in the actual use, the difference between these two types of products in terms of endurance and load capacity is not obvious, but in terms of safety and ease of use, the electric scooter is slightly superior. However, in the specific use, you should also decide according to your own needs.



8 inch 36v 250w folding electric scooter for adults

1.Power and reliability of 24V/36V 250W/350W brushless motor are fairly bulletproof and low maintenance

2.36V8.5AH lithium-in battery hidden in aluminum with a elegant appearance

3.8 inch mini wheels suit go out and riding

4.Quick release can adjust your need

5.Range per charge is 35-40KM

6.120kgs of the max load

7.Aluminum alloy Light Weight frame suit all age

8.LCD display know the information of the electric bike

9.Motor & battery warranty 1 year

10. Max speed 25KM/H meet you daily requirement


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