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Beginner’s guide: how to choose suitable size your mountain bike?

Choosing the right size is one of the most important decisions we make before buying a electric mountain bike. So here’s a guide to choosing electric the mountain bike for you to ride comfortably and minimize your chances of getting hurt.
Get the right electric bike and you’ll have a great cycling experience. But as long as you have a minor problem with your electric mountain bike, your long-distance cycling experience can become very uncomfortable and there may be some other problems.
Hopefully, this article will save you from the confusion of choosing a electric mountain bike size.
  Frame size selection  
If you ask experienced cyclists about the size of their electric mountain bikes, they will tell you that even if all electric mountain bikes are registered on paper with the same data, each electric mountain bike will have a different riding experience.
Tables of frame sizes provided by manufacturers are sometimes difficult to read. The table usually lists the seat length of each car. But even then, the ride will be different. Some data only measure the distance to the top of the seat tube, while others measure the junction of the upper tube and the seat tube. Not only that, but many manufacturers simply divide their electric mountain bikes into sizes S, M and L, while others add sizes XS and XL.
In short, the length of seat tube and the length of upper tube will become very important reference factors when determining the frame size.
  The seat tube should be at a distance from the crotch  
When you stand up, the seat tube should have an appropriate gap between the hip and the seat tube. To do this, you need to step back as much as possible while you’re riding, making sure you have at least an inch of space between the top tube and your crotch. The point of this step is to give the frame a wide range to adjust, which is important to find the right cushion height.
  Length range of upper tube  
When buying an electric mountain bike, another very important factor is the length of the upper tube. The length of the upper tube, from the seat cushion to the handlebars, determines the comfort and speed of the ride.
So how do you know how big a frame you need? There is no perfect answer to this question. As long as you are within the reasonable range, you can adjust the cushion, the upright and the horizontal handlebars to make the adjustment experience quite good for an electric mountain bike that is not completely suitable for you.
Although it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s suggested range of frame height, here are some common frame height guidelines:
XS: electric mountain bike size 13-14 inches: generally used for riders between 1.52m and 1.62m
S: electric mountain bikesize 14-16 inches: generally suitable for riders between 1.62m and 1.70m
M: electric mountain bike size 16-18 inches: generally suitable for riders between 1.70 M and 1.78 M
L: bicycle size 18-20 inches: generally suitable for riders between 1.78m and 1.85m
XL: electric mountain bike size 20-22 inches: generally suitable for riders over 1.85m
Note: 1, different types of frame reference sizes are also different, this height reference advice is only applicable to electric mountain bike buyers reference

  1. This article is a translation of other website, so the data is for reference only

  Frame size selection  
Two other things to watch out for when choosing frame size are the size of the handlebars and the gap between the handlebars and the hips when standing.
An oversized frame may cause the following accidents:

  1. Back pain from prolonged cycling due to excessive stretching


  1. Standing up because there isn’t enough space, you’ll feel pain somewhere (you know)


  1. Electric mountain bike can become difficult to control

Too small a frame may cause the following accidents:

  1. Too small a frame will prevent your legs from stretching out and you will be vulnerable to injury after a long ride


  1. When standing up, the distance between the hips and the frame is too large, which can lead to back injury during long cycling

  Other adjustments  
In addition to the frame size, other parts of the electric mountain bike need to be fitted to their best size, such as cushions, handlebars, pedals, etc. You can adjust the fit of the electric mountain bike by changing some parts, such as the handlebars and the handlebars. But not all problems can be solved by adjusting the parts, as using a longer handlebar won’t solve the problem of a too small frame.
  Two models of electric mountain bikes  
Here are two models of electric mountain bikes.
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